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Planning to move to West LA in less than 10 days – is it possible?

Having to do a last-minute move is definitely not the most pleasant of things, sure. However, that is not to say that it is impossible. Therefore, our main question of is planning to move to West LA in less than 10 days possible, has got a pretty straightforward answer – yes. However, this comes with the caveat that it will definitely not be simple, not in the slightest. Moving on short notice creates some rather stressful and complicated situations and you will need a ton of focus and planning as well as assistance from movers in Los Angeles. However, you are to come out of this as successful. This guide will help you do it!

Before you get to move to West LA in less than 10 days – basic info

So, before movers West Los Angeles moves you there is little more than a week, let us introduce you to where you are going.

West Los Angeles is a neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles. It is within the Westside region of Los Angeles County. There are around 35 000 people living west of the 405 freeway. There are around 11 public elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 4 high schools. Private schools are roughly the same number for all levels as education. There is also a Los Angeles Public Library.

Two palms in the backdrop of LA that you will see after you move to West LA in less than 10 day.
Are you ready to move to West LA?

As for recreation, you can visit the Stoner Recreation Center, which includes a waterpark, barbecue pits, basketball courts, etc.

How to plan for a last-minute move

Planning in the nick of time is not easy. Well, planning is never really easy and rarely fun, but when you have limited time on the clock it is certainly even less so. Therefore, if you are to move to West LA in less than 10 days you will need to plan from the very first minute. That should really be your main rule. You have no time to waste. In order to drive this point home we made this shortlist:

  • Stay focused on what matters – You should stay focused on the big things. Yes, something will go wrong in your move. Something goes wrong in the moves that were planned in 8 months’ time. But, you will need to make sure that whatever goes wrong, you have not lost anything that is truly irreplaceable. That is why, for example, picking a good mover and packing properly are things that you should make sure you do properly when you are about to move to West LA in less than 10 days.
  • Write everything down -In order to keep track of the important things, however, you should make a list. Everything needs to be written down. That is the best way to keep what is important on the mind in the whirlwind of choices and decisions you will have on your hand in a fast move. Think fast and stay focused
  • Start now, right now -And the most important thing, we cannot stress this enough.

Among the priorities are setting the moving quotes, Los Angeles, that you will have to pay, therefore setting the budget. You should immediately pick the apartment and call about any utility installations and such. Simultaneously, disconnect the utilities in your own home, change address, cancel gym, etc.

Hiring movers

Hiring movers is a pretty big part of moving at the last minute. Movers are the ones you can rely upon to move your stuff safely and with efficiency. However, the market is big and your time short and you need to make a decision now. How do you choose?

A van.
A road will not be this desolate nor will the vehicle be a van – well, if you plan accordingly, anyway.

Pick a good pick among last-minute movers in Los Angeles by reading the reviews, establishing communication, comparing costs, and knowing the value of safety and reliability.

Packing and downsizing

When you are about to hit up Culver City movers in just 10 days, you need to pack quickly. Now packing is something that we usually start a night before a holiday, but when it is your whole life that has to be packed, you have a lot of work on your hand. Furthermore, the more you have, the more you will need to pack and pay for. Weight and volume are, after all, components to the price of relocation. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you move as the least items as possible.

Clothes for donation and packing.
You can always donate clothes and other things you do not need.

In order to do that you need to get busy with downsizing. Downsizing is a way to get rid of items that are not a necessity at your new home. Items that you will do good without. However, they are not always utterly useless possessions, so you do have some options other than simply throwing them away. For example, you can always try to sell them. This is a great way to boost your moving budget, even by a little. Traditional garage sales are quicker than online ones so you might turn towards them. Furthermore, if you do not require cash, why not donate them to a charity of your choice? They will take pretty much anything they can find a use for. Finally, you can also store the items.

Storage and additional services

If you are to find yourself with an overflow of items and lack of spice, find some good storage units in the City of Los Angeles. Storage units are great when moving in a hurry. They serve as a good intermediate, if not permanent, solutions for possesions you still need yet have no need for (or no place for) in the house. Make sure that you scout for storage units with the same vigor and under the same general guidelines as you search for movers. Good revies, safety, honesty, and reviews.

Good luck, you will be able to move to West LA in less than 10 days!

Hopefully, all of this proved that to properly move to West LA in less than 10 days is perhaps difficult, but still very much possible. Waste no time! Start with your move today!