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When To Start Packing For Your LA Move?

The best advice when to start packing for your LA move is as soon as possible. You will not lose anything if you start as you have decided to relocate. However, it would help if you did not do it too soon. It will make your moving prolonged, meaning more stressful. On the other hand, you can use excellent packing services in Los Angeles to organize the whole procedure faster. Do not forget that you will need free days from work and at least a month for the entire process.

People usually think that moving presumes packing and transportation. However, it includes talking with the moving company and finding a new home. After all ends, you will need some time to adapt to unique circumstances. All of these mean a more protracted process that you have planned. So, do not forget to make a plan that includes an extended period.

A suitcase
You should not start with moving too early, but firstly pack not used things

Prepare on time when packing for your LA move

It would help if you started with preparation before the whole process starts. It means that you need to make a plan and organize it properly. Starting from making a plan, you should make the entire process in your mind. On the other hand, you will need to manage it along with the moving company. They must have your wishes and plans long before relocation starts.

  • Consider time for packing – no matter how long you will transport your stuff and when you should plan a long time for packing for your LA move;
  • Even if you hire the best moving company Los Angeles, you will need to organize transport and prepare for loading the truck;
  • You will need people and helpers for your moving – do not forget to hire people on time and show them what you expected from them;
  • Money is significant for moving, and you should prepare as much as you can – you should plan a budget and add at least 20% more than you have expected;
  • Choose a good time for moving – you will see that there are periods of the years when you will not organize moving fast or easy.

Make an inventory list

It is essential for any move you have planned. The inventory list will decrease the time for packing and prevent loss and damages. You will much easier make a plan of moving. It is essential for long-distance moving, too. You will spend much less time on packing, also.

Make a plan

It would help if you had a habit of making a plan for every job you have planned. It contains steps and planned changes if something wrong happens. You should put special services if you have designed to use them, too. In most cases, you are making a plan of moving that could save money and time. Checking on the list will make you relaxed, also.

Disassemble furniture

You should disassemble the furniture as early as you can. Start from the items you do not use. Sometimes it could take longer than you have planned. It is even more critical if you need to hire professional help for that.

Prepare labels for boxes

Although you cannot know how many boxes you will finally use and for what purposes, you should make the required labels for moving. It includes marks like “Fragile” or “This side up.” You will save much more money and time later. You can download free labels from the internet.

A guitar
Do not forget to protect valuable and sensitive items

Packing for your LA move takes time

Despite the standard expectations, you should not start with packing for your move too early. You will lose time on not that important things and increase stress. It is much better, to begin with the packing of not used items. Pack wardrobe from the different seasons and get rid of stuff that you do not use. It will save time later.

Collect supplies

You should know that packing supplies cost a lot, and you will need time to purchase them. It is the reason why you should start on time with it. Also, you can try to find boxes for free whenever you can. Even if you pay for packages in a moving company, it is good to have spare boxes just in case.

Protect before packing

Your items will travel long before you finally unpack them. You can start by protecting long before moving. There are many ways for it, but let us say that you can put soft corners or plastic while you still use furniture. Later, when you start packing, you can quickly fill them without long preparation.

Do not fill the boxes to the end

Do not forget that you will lift those boxes while loading the truck. It would help if you did not make it too heavy for it. Also, no matter how quality boxes are, you should not risk damaging them while loading. So, do not fill them to the top. Leave at least 10% of space on the top. Also, do not put all heavy items, like books, in the same box.

When to start packing for your LA move

The final answer when to start with packing is when you feel comfortable. Some people love to have a proper organization, planning the move much earlier. On the other hand, some people do not need to start that early. They feel much more comfortable if you do it in a few days, quickly. It would help if you organized it according to your needs and habits.

A marble in the kitchen
There are lot of things that you cannot pack quick

Pack things that you do not use

It is always much more comfortable to start with items that you do not use currently and do not plan to use before moving. Put seasonal wardrobe in boxes, too. It is for sure that you will make space for packing and boxes easier. You will save time for packing later, also.

Put in a particular room

You will save a lot of time and space if you prepare a room for boxes and items while packing. In that way, packing for your LA move will be less stressful. It is also much easier to take packages from that room later.