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5 tips for building your own home gym

Home improvement is something that you need to do after a while. Your home may start to feel a bit boring and you want to change that. One of the best things you can do to both change that and change your lifestyle, is building your own home gym. Another reason to do some home improvement is when you move to a new home and do not really like its vibe. A home gym is a perfect thing if you do not like fancy commercial gyms and prefer to exercise alone, with your own music blasting on the speakers. So, whether you are planning on being a power lifting world champion, or just want to keep yourself fit, here are some tips for building your own home gym. Without any further ado, let’s get rocking!

Building your own home gym out of scratch

If you have only exercised in commercial gyms, then you probably have no equipment around your home at all. This is why you need to go out and get the equipment first. There are several ways you can lower the money you need to spent when building your own home gym and we will talk about it now. So, let’s see what you need to do.

making your own home gym the right way
Make sure that the room is spacious enough

1. Choosing the room

This is a big part of building your home gym. Maybe the best time to think about this is when you wave your moving company West Hollywood goodbye, and look around to your new empty house. A great tip for choosing the room is checking out the dimensions. You need to make sure that every single piece of equipment has its place and that the room will not be constricting. You need to have enough space for your workout, so try to visualize your home gym before you pick one specific room. A great idea for a home gym is the garage. If you do not have a car, that is. If you do, then another good idea is the attic or the basement if they are spacious enough.

2. Establishing your budget

When you are thinking about making your own home gym, you also need to pay attention to your budget just like you did when looking for affordable movers Los Angeles. It is not always smart to buy the first thing that you see and know that it will fit in your gym. You have to be patient and diligently look for discounts and specials. You also do not have to buy everything at once. Building a gym properly is a process that takes time, just like building your body. Patience is key. You can also look for used equipment, or even make some yourself. Never buy something expensive if you think that you can find for a cheaper price or that you can make yourself.

building your home gym so you can lift dumbbels
Build your own home gym, just like your muscles!

Websites like Craigslist or eBay have a lot of offers you can check out. Create your gym the right way, not the fast way!

3. Getting a barbell and weights

The barbell is probably the most important thing in a gym, whether it is a home gym, or a commercial one. They are easy to find, but you have to decide which one do you want. If you want a casual one, you should get the standard one. It is one inch in diameter and can hold up to 200 pounds. However, if you are a hardcore power lifter, then the standard one just isn’t going to cut it. You will need to get the Olympic barbell. It is designed to carry a lot more weight. It has a rotating sleeve with a diameter of 2 inches and it can hold up to 1500 pounds! Talking about hardcore! In addition to getting the barbell, you will also need weights. Weights usually cost one dollar per one pound.

A barbell is an essential part of a gym

However, you can find cheaper weights if you look hard enough. Flea markets, aforementioned websites, and you can also ask your friends if they have recommendations. If you are in luck, a local gym in your town may be closing so they may be selling all of their equipment at a lower price. Furthermore, you should be patient and do not settle for the first thing you find. Look for special discounts such as Christmas sales or Black Friday in order to get your equipment at a better price.

4. Getting a bench press

This is another thing that is essential for a gym. There are many exercises that should be done lying down. They are great for hitting specific muscles and you absolutely need to have a bench in your home gym. However, you need to find a bench that fits your body perfectly. You need to have your feet flat on the ground when you lie down on the bench. Failing to get a nice fitting bench may cause some injuries you do not want. In addition, you should look for some better quality benches. The ones you can find for a cheaper price in a store will most likely be of mediocre quality. If you are a heavy lifter then this is an absolute must. When you start working out in your new gym, you will not need to hire professionals to move robust items!

5. Getting dumbbells

Dumbbells are probably the first thing you think of when someone mentions working out. They are iconic and also important when building your own home gym. Dumbbell bars also come in standard and Olympic sizes and you should pick the one that are on your level. You can also get one part dumbbells. They are usually small and they are not flexible as getting a bar and weights. However, they are probably the cheapest option and you should definitely consider it.

Building your home gym is not as hard as you may have thought. With all that said, good luck with building your own home gym!