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Tips for negotiating a relocation package

The relocation is time-consuming, very stressful and also an expensive process. If you are planning to move to another city or country for a job or to start a family, this is a big decision to make. It’s easy if the company you are working for is ready to cover all the moving expenses and hire best movers Los Angeles, right? But, what if you have to do that on your own? And what if the job they have offered to you is once in a lifetime opportunity? Then, you will need some tips for negotiating a relocation package! So, let’s begin!

Negotiating A Relocation Package – What is A Relocation Package?

If the company wants you to move and become their employee full-time, they will most likely offer a relocation package. The relocation package includes all the moving costs for you and your family and work-related expenses. If a company offers to pay for your relocation package, that means that you are a great addition to the firm and they want to have you on their team!

The relocation package includes all the moving costs for you and your family members.

However, negotiating a relocation package is sometimes necessary. The relocation package that the company is offering may or may not fulfill your and your family’s moving needs. But, your employer will definitely cover residential movers Los Angeles expenses. Now, let’s see what should the relocation package include?

What Should The Relocation Package Include?

Employers usually tailor their programs to look attractive to their future employees. The company will hire a professional mover and get its long-distance moving services for you. They might also hire a relocation expert to keep an eye on your relocation process.

The best relocation packages include:

  • Full Relocation Services. Full package service will save a lot of your time. A professional moving company will protect, pack and relocate all of your belongings instead of you.
  • House-hunting trips. The company will pay for house-hunting trips. Those expenses include costs of lodging, transportation, and meals. If you have children, you should try negotiating a relocation package that includes childcare expenses while you are out of the town. While you are visiting, you can also meet some new people in Los Angeles!
  • Temporary housing. The company should pay for temporary housing for at least 30 days in case your home isn’t move-in ready at the time of your arrival.
  • Travel Expenses. The company will cover all the travel expenses for you and each member of your family.
  • Miscellaneous Costs. Relocation package also includes covering some small, miscellaneous costs such as cleaning services, licenses, driver’s license, pet registration, etc.

Set Your Priorities

If the company offers a relocation package for you and your family, you should try to get the best deal. S0, how would you like your relocation to be? Yes, safety and smooth relocation is the most important, but what are the other things that you would like to negotiate for? You will get basic relocation package. You should also negotiate to include some of these features in your relocation package too:

  • Ask for one or a few visits to a new place(prior to the move).
  • If the city you are moving in has higher costs of living, you should ask for a higher salary.
  • Travel costs.
  • Temporary or permanent housing option.
  • The company should cover the costs of the storage facility if you need a storage unit.
Ask for a higher salary if the city you are moving to have higher costs of living.

What Kind Of Relocation Package Your Company Typically Offers?

If you are planning to get a better relocation package from your future employer, you will have to do research and find out what their usual relocation packages include. If you can not find any written relocation assistance policy, you should ask at their HR department. You can also go online and search for the relocation experiences of people who work for similar companies.

Not knowing what your company offers can costs you some great benefits that you can get. However, there are also some other ways to minimize your home relocation expenses! There are also two very important things that you should never forget.

  1. You should never assume what kind of cost will your company pay for.
  2. You should sign the agreement only if you are satisfied with your relocation package!

These are the types of common relocation packages:

  1. Lump-Sum. The company will give you a set amount of money so you can use it as you wish the relocation.
  2. Reimbursement. Reimbursing you for some of your moving costs.
  3. Direct Bill. Your employer will pay for all the expenses directly and coordinate them on your behalf.
  4. Third-Party Relocation. A broker coordinates all your needs. The fee will be billed to your employer.
Common relocation packages that your company offers are lump-sum, reimbursement, direct bill, and third-party relocation.

Hiring A Professional Mover

If your employer gives you a set amount of money, you should contact your professional mover and book the moving date as soon as possible. A professional moving company is in high demand during the summer, weekends and days at the end of the month. Therefore, you should hire a mover at least a month or two in advance. A professional moving company has a license, ID number, they are reliable and efficient. They also offer plenty of moving services such as local and long-distance move, commercial move, residential move, storage services, special services, etc. If you hire a professional moving company, your belongings will be packed, protected and safely relocated.

These were the things that you should consider for a negotiation relocation package. If the company want’s you to relocate as soon as possible, they will most likely accept all conditions. However, you should definitely do the research on what are the basic relocation packages that your company is offering before you start negotiating. Best of luck!