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Moving robust items – why hire professionals?

Some of you may think that moving robust items has nothing particularly complicated to it. It can’t be that hard, right? You just have to push a bit harder, and lift a bit heavier. Well, no. If you want to prevent injuries and spare yourself the back pain and long rest, consider that there is more to moving robust items than just lifting. With this in mind, it would be best that you hire a Beverly Hils moving company to take care of this hazardous business for you. Still not convinced? Let us further elaborate.

The injury prevention

This would be the biggest advantage of hiring professionals to handle this tough job. Even if you are a professional lifter, it’s one thing to lift 300 pounds of dead weight, and a whole another to navigate with it through narrow hallways. You yourself must know how much detail and technique goes into performing a proper lift. Just imagine the knowledge it takes to handle a bulky piece of furniture, all without causing yourself or the piece any harm.

A man performing a deadlift, getting himself ready for moving robust items
It is rather obvious that this weight is hard to pick up. Can you imagine the difficulty of moving it around?

Safety of your goods

Speaking of causing your belongings harm, this is also a point where professionals beat the amateurs. The moment your body sends the signal to your brain of not being able to withstand the load, you would probably want to drop the item as fast as possible. You would, of course, be right to do so. After all, nothing is more important than your health. Still, after you’ve dropped your precious piece, chances are the drop will leave a mark. Whether it is on the floor, on the item, or both, the damage has been made. And even if you were able to prevent the fall and managed to carry the item all the way to the moving truck, the chance that you haven’t brushed off of something and made a scratch or a dent is rather slim. So, this time, for the safety of your goods, reconsider having a DIY move.

When moving robust items, professional movers show up with adequate equipment

However paramount, it’s not just the technique and the experience that make professionals better at this job. It’s their proper and adequate equipment. Come moving day, they will show up with moving straps, moving blankets and pads, furniture sliders and a dolly or two. Besides knowing how to handle robust furniture, they also know the best means of using these pieces of equipment, as can thus do a much faster, and safer job. With the tools and the knowledge incorporated into their service, you can rest assured that all of your items, as well as the interior of your home, will remain intact.

The time factor

Besides the overall safety, this is the second best reason why professional movers are the smarter choice. Even if you have the strength, supposedly reliable technique, and adequate technique, you will most certainly spend more time moving robust items that the movers would. And, considering the rest of your move, isn’t time the one resource you wish you had more of? This principle does not only concern the move of bulky furniture, but rather your relocation as a whole.

A clock
We are always short on time. Luckily, with professionals taking care of moving robust items, we can spend those hours on more urgent matters.

The peace of mind

We’ve never mentioned which items in your household classify as robust. We are about to clear that up. Whether it is a musical instrument, a pool table, your fridge or a three-piece couch, it makes no difference. As long as the item requires more than two hands to lift, consider it a job for professionals. And with movers that have specialized services, like pool table movers Los Angeles, making your pick oughtn’t to be very hard. You see, with experienced people handling this job, you can keep your peace of mind knowing that everything will go smoothly, without any setbacks or accidents. This is especially important for the items that have great value.

For the slight chance that we haven’t been able to persuade you

Opinions do differ, and we are not the ones to hold grudges. Even if we haven’t been able to persuade you, we still care. For that reason, we urge you to adequately prepare for what’s at hand. Moving robust items will require both the brains and the brawn. Here is what we recommend that you do and acquire prior to the day of heavy lifting:

  • squeeze in some lifting exercises a month before the move at least. If possible, start even sooner.
  • get enough people to help you. We implore that you count your daughter, aunt, and wife out. However strong they may be, you still don’t want to risk getting them injured. Call a couple of friends or strong, male cousins to your aid. Feel free to treat them with pizza or some alcoholic beverage, as a means of gratitude.
  • try your best to find appropriate tools and equipment. Stop by a local warehouse, or even call a moving company, and see if they are renting some of their utensils. You wouldn’t believe how easier and safer it will be to move all those bulky items.
  • don’t be hasty. Whether you are lifting or putting down, take things at your own pace, and try to have control of the item at all times.
  • start as early as possible, so as to catch as much daylight as possible. You will need all the visibility you can get.
  • take enough brakes. This is not a competition at who can lift more. It would be rather foolish to risk an injury for a short period of boasting. You will need both the strength and full attention, so stay rested, awake and alert.
Smart people know how insufficient rest can affect their performance. Follow their example.

Moving robust items without professional help is plausible, but comes with a lot of risks and shortcomings. Movers will save you the time, the energy and the nerves it takes to safely move a bulky object. Henceforth, we believe it would be the wisest choice to call them right away and schedule your move.