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A guide to a sustainable home – LA edition

We all know that it is happening. It is a sad reality of our time that we are paying the debts of unchecked industrialization and exploitation of our planet. We are currently living a lifestyle that is not going to be sustainable for much longer. We are simply pushing the planet and its climate to the absolute limit, and we need to change if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change. When one is faced with such predictions, real but also gloomy, it can easily seem that there is nothing you can do. That this is a battle bet waged by the big industries. What can my home do? A lot! Since most of the greenhouse gasses are emitted from our homes, not the industry. Therefore, follow this guide to a sustainable home to help you make your LA home sustainable!

Rampant power usage

One of the reasons our homes, into which our residential movers Los Angeles move us, hold such a bad effect on the global climate is that they are the ones that produce a lot of power and water. Today, an average American is using 16 times more electricity than someone living in a developing country. That is not to say that all of that power is wasted, far from it. However, there is the cost of such wonders of technology, and it is a cost we should do our best to offset in any way we can.

A solar powered roof that is one of the things we emphasized in our guide to a sustainable home.
How to make your home use solar and wind power most optimally?

Luckily, there is a lot each and every one of us can do. No matter how large your home is, you can do a lot to offset power usage.

  • More efficient appliances – Most of our electric consumption can be traced to the usage of electrical appliances. From TV to PC and gaming consoles to washing machines. However, as you might know, that is not something anyone will be willing to live without just because our guide to a sustainable home suggested as much.
  • Ask for professional help – And if you want to save some money for the moving quotes Los Angeles, you can also ask for a professional audit of the company
  • Change habits – Turn off, rather than putting computers and television on stand buy. Unplug things that have always-on displays. Use washing machines only when full etc. Small changes can bring about great ones, cumulatively.
  • Go renewableUnder the LA sun, you have little reason not to turn towards solar and wind power. That way you can produce the power you are using. The thing pays for itself!

Our guide to a sustainable home emphasizes the problem with water

There is also one more thing we use at home much more than JB Movers Los Angeles or companies. Water shortages, at home and around the world, are beginning to be a very potent issue. There are even conflicts that are raging across the world for access to fresh, clean water, and some others are looming. We should be grateful for the water we can access with such ease, and find ways to use it with care.  Shorter showers, less washing machine usage, etc…

Buying less

There is a lot of disposable plastic products on the market, and a lot more other unrecyclable products. There are movements to change this, but we can do something about it now as well. The best thing you can do is to buy in bulk so you can get as much product as possible into as little package as possible. Furthermore, try buying less. We often dispose of things that are very easily reusable. Water bottles for example. Don’t give in to the pressure and use what you have!

Recycling more

A lot of people aggressively downsize before they embark on their move via last minute movers Los Angeles. In that process many turn towards recycling. However, there are a lot of things that make it to recycling centers that are not actually recyclable, being too contaminated to be reused.

recycleing planet
Reusing and recycling is our best way to stay sustainable!

That is why you should do your homework before you try to recycle. Make sure that whatever you are trying to recycle is actually made out of material that would allow it and is not contaminated too much.

Bonus – Ethical possession

Los Angeles gets its product from all around the world. We have already talked about a guide to a sustainable home, however, there is more at stake than just ecological sustainability. There is also a societal one. More and more you can hear in the news about all kinds of worker exploitation, child labor, and slave labor from countries that produce our clothes and trinkets.

Right and wrong sign
How to know if the product is made the right or the wrong way?

There is no simple, elegant way to put this. This is wrong. We, here in the west, should do all that we can to buy products that are produced with ethical concerns in mind. The only reason why slave work child labor persists is because people are willing to buy the products of such labor. By making sure you only buy products that have a stamp of approval when it comes to its production chain you are helping in making the world a better place.

In summary

Thinking globally but acting locally is the best way to fight climate change and its devastating consequences. All the wildfires are one of them, and one we mostly see. However, there will be more if we fail to stop it. That is why you should follow our guide to a sustainable home. There is no better place to start if you wish to stop climate change and truly affect change unto the world.