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Are Online Moving Reviews of Any Use?

You will read online moving reviews when choosing a moving company. That is, if you want to hire any of West Hollywood movers, you will ask for experience. The question is – is that experience useful and valuable? Sometimes, it is not enough just finding a good and experienced moving company. You will need to know if they are trustworthy and professional! On the other hand, reading of reviews will not help every time.

There are a lot of moving companies West Los Angeles with a lot of different services – you cannot know if previous clients have used the same service you need! Whenever we choose to use some company for our job, we use the personal opinion of the previous clients. It would be best if we can meet them live and ask everything. Luckily, thanks to the internet, we can meet people that we even do not know. They could share with us their opinion and experience. However, you should be careful in some cases with online comments.

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You should be aware of scam reviews, too

How people leave online moving reviews?

It is essential to understand how people leave their comments after the job is finished. Some companies do not support people to share their opinion. Even if they want to share experience, they do not have space on the site for it. On the other hand, sometimes they force people to leave useful comments in exchange with a discount for some services. For those reasons, you should investigate how people have left their opinions after the service.

Be careful if a comment is too positive

If you are looking for particular moving services in Los Angeles, you will surely investigate the offer on the market. After that, read reviews that people have left. Sometimes they will go with too excellent and positive reviews. It means that the company has deleted all comments that are not satisfied. There is no company that every person has been happy with.

Companies pay for review

It is hard to know if the company has paid for the comment or not. Companies mostly pay people to leave a useful comment after long-distance moving. In that way, they avoid the option to meet the person in real life.

Do not forget that online reviews leave people who have experience in moving

Companies delete bad reviews

Every company will avoid unpleasant situations with bad reviews. For those reasons, they will remove all bad reviews from their sites. It is hard to recognize a situation like that. However, if a company has only good reviews on site, you should ask if they are so good.

Reviews are too general

If the client is satisfied with the company, he will leave a comment that explains the service he used. He will take time for that and do it with pleasure. However, if comments are too general, you should ask if they have left those comments. Sometimes they simply use the copy/paste method to leave a bunch of comments on the same site.

Look at the date of time

When a company wants to leave good comments, they sometimes do it on the same day. It is effortless, actually. However, you should check the date and time when they have left those comments. It is not logical to have too many comments for a short time on site.

Why people leave online moving reviews?

It is another fundamental question. People usually do not have time to leave a comment on the site. Especially if they have just finished this hard and long job like moving, however, when you see that they still have left the comment, you can be sure that the company has deserved it in a bad or good way.

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You should make long preparation and researching before moving

Too negative comments

There will undoubtedly be clients that are not satisfied with the service or company. Leaving a lousy comment is the only they can do in that case. However, sometimes people leave too negative comments after the service. You should recognize when a comment is more than mere satisfaction. Some companies leave bad reviews to the company to drive away customers.

Too many explanations for excellent service

You will have reasons to leave good comments after a good job. However, there are situations when clients do not have time to leave feedback. In most cases, they will simply explain the service and final impressions. If they have gone too long and detailed explanation, you should wonder if they were clients at all. Nobody has so much time to write good comments.

Using of personal names

Although we are satisfied, we will not remember the name of the person that helped us. Most people forget the name of the company after moving. So, writing too personal comments after moving should be suspicious.

Recognize online moving reviews that are worthy of considering

Like in real life, you cannot be sure if some people tell the truth or not. The same happens when online reviews are about. You should take every comment seriously, but also inspect if they are right. There are beneficial ways to estimate how valuable and trustworthy feedback is.

Too many identical reviews

It should be the first sign that people from the company have written reviews. They have no time to make creative and readable sentences. In most cases, they use copy/paste and write the same comment for every client.

Unnatural language

The typical client will use language like in real life. Do not forget that not everybody is skilled in writing, so comments must be different. If you see that they use a word like in a commercial on TV, you should suspect in honesty of the feedback.

Check trusted sites

Luckily, there are online moving reviews that you can read. Thanks to places like Movingscam or TrustPilot, you can be sure that they tell the truth. After all, do not use only reviews as a recommendation. Check the website of the company, their behavior, and professionalism, too.