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How to prepare your kitchen for renovation

Do you want to change your kitchen? Are you feeling depressed every time you look at your kitchen? Then, you should change it. The kitchen is the heart of the house and the most important room in your home. For this reason, you should make it more functional and beautiful. This means it is time to renovate. However, most people do not want to deal with the whole renovation process. This is time-consuming and stressful. If you do not how to do it, do not worry. Here is an ultimate guide for you to follow. 

Prepare your kitchen for renovation by decluttering 

Usually, the kitchen tends to be a little bit on the messier side, especially the pantry. For this reason, when you need to prepare your kitchen for renovation, you should declutter your kitchen. Make three piles – one to stay, one to donate/sell, and one to throw away. The pile to stay will be discussed separately. Therefore, let’s start with a donate/sell pile. Gather all the kitchen appliances, utensils, and similar items that you are no longer using. Check their condition. If they are in good condition, you can consider selling or donating those items. Furthermore, you can organize a garage sale if you have time and motivation. If not, then you can sell in on the Internet. As for making a donation, contact several charities. See if they will accept your items. Some charities will come to pick up your items, so make sure to ask them. 

prepare your kitchen for renovation to have beautiful white kitchen
Renovate your kitchen so it would like amazing

Pack your dishes 

Now it is time to start packing your items. You should gather all the necessary packing supplies. These should include dozens of boxes, plastic bags, plastic bins, tape, newspapers, etc. You can get them from local movers Los Angeles. When you have all of these supplies, start packing your dishes. Carefully wrap your fragile plates and cups. Put them in one box. You should place the boxes in your basement if you can or any other room where they will be safe. In addition to this, you should start packing one week before the project is scheduled. Start with items that you do not use every day. Make sure your dishes are clean before you pack them. If not, you should wash your dishes and dry them completely. Do not store your dishes if they are wet. Lastly, items that you will continue using, do not bother packing them.  

Do not forget to protect your floors 

If you do not plan to change your flooring as well, make sure to protect it. For this reason, you have to buy proper protective materials. If you have tile or hardwood floors, consider getting some carpet scraps. You can find them at a carpet store and they are easy to use. Just lay them over your kitchen floor. In addition to this, you should tape down carpet scraps with duct tape to prevent sliding. Apart from this, you can also buy a carpet pad. Your contractors will be carrying and lifting heavy objects, which means they might damage your floors. For this reason, protect it. Speaking of contractors, clear the path to your house so they can park somewhere close to your property.  

assorted-color ceramic bowls and saucers
Pack your dishes carefully before the renovation

Prepare your kitchen for renovation – even more tips 

When you are preparing your kitchen for renovation, take down blinds, curtains, wall decorations, and rods. You can wash your curtains clean everything else. In addition to this, place the hardware in plastic bags and label them. If you have any computers or electronic devices move them to another room. You should also cover adjacent rooms since they can get dusty from all the renovation. Apart from this, you should also take all of your valuable items to another room in the house. Lastly, you should protect your pets. Keep them away from the construction area. The same thing applies to your children. Once your renovation is over, you can find a furniture delivery service Los Angeles for your new furniture. 

Survive your kitchen renovations 

In order to survive your kitchen renovations, here is what you need to do.  

  • Make a kitchen stand-in – you cannot eat out all the time or bring takeout. For this reason, set up a temporary kitchen so you can make yourself a coffee, school lunches, light dinner, etc. You can use the basement, garage, your home office, and any other available room. 
  • Choose a couple of pieces of your kitchen tools – keep it simple and use only the kitchen tools that you really need.  
  • Use small appliances – again, you cannot exactly install your stove in the basement. For this reason, use only portable appliances, such as slow cookers, toaster, microwaves, electric griddles, and skillet. 
  • Buy disposable dishes – since you cannot wash your dishes in the sink, use disposable ones. It will be much easier to clean after your meal. 

In order to reduce the level of stress, you should make a plan. In addition to this, you should also prepare your kitchen for renovation.

biscuits on stainless steel tray
Use disposable dishes that are not easy to break

Prepare your kitchen for renovation and survive the ordeal 

Here is the last set of tips for surviving your renovation. 

  • Prepare your food outside – if the weather is on your side, you can use your grill. Roast meat, vegetables, make pizza, make barbeque, and so on. 
  • Buy nonperishable snacks – sometimes, you do not want to prepare food or you just want to snack on something. For this reason, you should buy peanut butter, canned food, dried fruit, cereals, potato chips, and similar food. 
  • Leave your house for a short time – if you want, you can take a vacation or schedule a business trip. You can also sleep at your friend’s house for some time. However, make sure you are comfortable with having workers remodeling your kitchen while you are away. 
  • Remember the big picture – even though the renovation is hard, remember the reason for doing the same. Soon, you will get to enjoy preparing food at your new kitchen.