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Beverly Hills lifestyle explained

Wouldn’t you love to live in Beverly Hills? It is one of the most popular cities in Los Angeles County. More than 34,000 people live here, most of them being celebrities. For this reason, Beverly Hills has become a symbol for the American entertainment industry, wealth, and fame. However, this city has a humble origin as it was a Spanish ranch for lima beans. Then, in 1914, a group of investors decided to turn the area into a city after they failed to find oil. To this day, Beverly Hills has remained relatively small. It has a feeling of a close-knit town where people all know each other. In order to fit in, read about the Beverly Hills lifestyle before hiring a Beverly Hills moving company. 

Choose your neighborhood! 

Even though it is a relatively smaller city with only 34,000 residents, Beverly Hills still has several neighborhoods to choose from before you call JB Movers Los Angeles. Therefore, here is the first part. 


cars on the street
Are you ready to live in Beverly Hills?
  • Beverly Hills Flats – you can find all the expensive and luxury homes in this neighborhood. However, just like any other neighborhood, people here also have their own routines that consist of jogging, going to work every morning, children attending school, etc. In addition to this, here you can visit a storybook house called “The Witch House”. 
  • Beverly Hills Gateway – a residential area but with the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and Greystone Mansion. 
  • Trousdale Estates – it has many modern properties and plenty of green space such as beautiful landscaping and parks.  

Honorable mentions go to The Summit, Beverly Park, and Mulholland Estates as these are communities with the best security that offers privacy. 

Beverly Hills lifestyle – the rest of neighborhoods 

As mentioned above, there are two parts of Beverly Hills neighborhoods.  

  • Golden Triangle – the commercial center of Beverly Hills, but it is also a residential area where people enjoy walking their dogs, going to the park, and enjoying life. In addition to this, you should visit Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market where you can do some shopping and take kids to a small petting zoo. Parking is free which is great since the living cost in Beverly Hills is quite high. 
  • Rodeo Drive – probably the most popular place in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive has amazing restaurants, high-end stores for shopping, and many more. However, this neighborhood is extremely expensive.  
  • Beverly Hills Doheny SW & SE – probably the most affordable place in the entire Beverly Hills. 
  • Roxbury Park – this neighborhood has a huge park that is perfect for a picnic and playing various sports since it has several recreational facilities. 
Rodeo Dr street signage on post
Rodeo Drive is one of the most popular places in Beverly Hills

What to do in Beverly Hills  

In order to understand the Beverly Hills lifestyle, you need to see how other people spend their time. Since it is quite popular, they are countless things you can do in Beverly Hills. First, there are many bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and anything in between. You can spend all your free time just drinking coffee and eating delicious food. However, this is only the beginning. Twice a year, you can visit artSHOW where 200 artists from all over the world present their work. You can also bring your pet and visit wine gardens or try food trucks. Additionally, you should go to the Beverly Hills Public Library, especially if you are moving with children. They organize “story time” periods for children and young adults. There are many reading groups for adults as well so you can have fun discussing your favorite novels while your kids listening to their stories.  

Enjoy the Beverly Hills lifestyle  

If you really want to fit in, then here is what you should do. First, have the afternoon tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This a place where all the locals gather. Next, visit Urth Café for espresso if you do not like tea. For dinner, go to Mastro’s while you can have the best beer and burgers at The Honor Bar. If you need a manicure or pedicure, go to Kote Beauty House. Lastly, you need something sweet. Therefore, visit Sprinkles Cupcakes’ flagship bakery. However, this is not the end. The best shopping places are Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Center, and The Grove / Original Farmers’ Market. Even though Beverly Hills is known for the entertainment industry, it has many museums worth visiting. For this reason, spend one weekend touring the Getty Center, Museum of Tolerance, the Paley Center for Media, and Hammer Museum. 

the Beverly Hills lifestyle with a plate full of healthy food
Beverly Hills is known for its many restaurants and food

Fun Facts about the city 

Here are some fun facts about Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills has five zip codes, 90210 among them. This number is quite popular due to the 1990s television drama Beverly Hills, 90210 that followed the lives of teenagers going to the fictional West Beverly Hills High School. Apart from this show, popular kids’ cartoon Totally Spice! is set in Beverly Hills as well. In addition to this, the Cheesecake Factory restaurant is first opened in this city in 1978. Because of many beautiful parks and its urban forestry plan, the city received the Tree City US award. Lastly, Beverly Hills together with Bel Air and Holmby Hills form “Platinum Triangle”, meaning the most affluential neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  

Final words about the Beverly Hills lifestyle 

Beverly Hills is a very interesting city, known for its mansions, wealth, glamor, and celebrity neighbors. This also means it is extremely expensive. However, it offers a quality lifestyle with green and open spaces to relax, spend your time, exercise, etc. In addition to this, there are the weekly farmers’ markets, various annual festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, and anything that you can possibly imagine. For this reason, think about your move. See if you can adapt to the Beverly Hills lifestyle. It will be expensive but rewarding as well. You will form long-lasting friendships, lead a healthy lifestyle, and fulfilling life. Lastly, Beverly Hills is a small city in a much larger city, Los Angeles. So you can always organize a trip to LA as well.