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How much does life in Beverly Hills cost?

Pondering the idea of moving to Beverly Hills includes comes with the acknowledgment of the cost of living. That is if you want to make ends meet every month, and are not Queen of England. Getting to know the prices will prepare you for life in Beverly Hills like nothing else. So, just before you call your Beverly Hills moving company, make sure to take a look at the following lines of this article.

Cost of living in Beverly Hills

Telling you how the overall cost of living in Beverly Hills exceeds the US average by 6,5 times does sound sensible. However, we believe it does not portray the daily life in Beverly Hills quite so successfully. With this in mind, we think it would be best to guide you through your average week, and really show what your life, in terms of expenses, would look like.

A week calendar
Let’s see what one week of life in Beverly Hills would look like.


First day of the week, and what better way to start it than with a proper meal. A loaf of fresh white bread (2.67$), a dozen eggs (3.50$) and a liter of milk (1.25$) ought to do good for your whole family. After going through the newspapers, casually looking at some moving quotes Los Angeles, you are finishing your coffee, and getting ready for work. With an average monthly net salary (after tax) of 3,000.00$, you surely have enough reasons not to be late. However, your wife already took your new Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW (22,000.00$), so you’ll have to call the cab to work (normal start tariff 4.05$).


Tuesday morning was more or less the same, except that the bills have arrived, further meaning you have to make a trip to the bank. Since your wife has yet again taken your car, shopping for items that will make your home more kid-friendly, you opt for the local public transport this time (one-way ticket 2.25$). You are thinking about how that really makes a difference in your wallet, compared to your taxi ride, and consider getting a monthly pass (120$). With the bank employee carefully listing the price of your utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage and internet 189,51), you are starting to think that walking to work might be best after all.


You’ve agreed with your wife that you won’t change your routine however hectic life in Beverly Hills may be. This means that Wednesdays remain date nights in your household. The missus is getting ready to enjoy a three-course meal and a lovely movie afterward. Choosing not the most expensive restaurant has probably saved you at least some money, but the meal (70.00$) still left a trace. Two tickets for the cinema (30.00$) were almost as much as popcorn. Still, the movie was good. After the show, you decide to stop by for a drink and talk about the lovely display of art you just witnessed. Your prettier half is sipping her cappuccino (4.29$), while you are rather enjoying your Pepsi (2.25$).

A couple out on a date
Date night in Beverly Hills might be expensive but is undoubtedly worth every penny.


As the fourth day of the week comes rolling in, your little boy states that a pair of Nike Running Shoes (75.00$) is the most urgent matter after his International Primary School (7,000.00$ a month). Not only do you have to oblige, since the kid’s feet are growing like crazy, but you are thinking of buying yourself a pair for that fitness club you just signed up for (92.33$ a month). If your daughter decides to postpone her Levis 501 jeans purchase (55.00$), you just might be able to squeeze in those men leather business shoes (110.00$) that would go so well with that new suit.


Life in Beverly Hills brings more changes that one might expect. It is not until Friday that you receive some big news. Your wife is pregnant yet again. All those trips were to her doctor, making sure it is not a mistake. Of course, you are filled with joy and utter happiness. However, certain pictures start rolling at the back of your mind:

  • being happy for the joyous news with your friends means buying them a drink. With a bottle of wine costing 9.99$, imported beer 6$ a liter and an obligatory pack of cigarettes 8$, one might think that being happy comes with a certain price.
  • previous two pregnancies meant some serious fruit cravings for your wife. After the first three months, you had enough of all the bananas (4.41$), apples (6.61$) and oranges (4.54$) to last you a lifetime. Going through that again will require some serious herbivore will power.
  • when the time comes, the newest addition to the family will certainly have to go through preschool (1,166.67$ a month).
  • you now have to plan a budget for three tuitions in the best colleges in California.


As the Saturday comes rolling in, and your wife is compiling a shopping list for you, you soon come to realize that the initial estimates were wrong. After a mere glance at the list, it is hard not to notice the lack of fruit. What is now more than obvious is that your wife’s cravings are this time leaning towards more meaty choices. At least, with the substantial amount of chicken (10,27$ a kilo) and beef (11.01$ a kilo), you will be able to forget all about that fruit frenzy. The rest of the list is more than reasonable with potato (4.41$), tomato (6.61$), onion (4.41$), lettuce (1.23$) and cheese (9.18$). Who knows, this pregnancy might turn out to be the most bearable of all.

Shish Kebab Meat on a grill
The menu for this pregnancy is looking up.


Your life in Beverly Hills has brought a lot of changes in your daily routines. One of them refers to your Sunday. Or, as you now like to call it – beer day. With the full glass of perfectly cool beer (0.5-liter draught costing 7$) caressing your hand, you let your mind drift and wonder. Changes are inevitable. Although they are sometimes for the better, and other times for the worse, they always give you an opportunity to adapt, improve and learn. And, who knows what else lies ahead… Perhaps she is carrying twins. Cheers!