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Eco-friendly moving solutions to explore

As millions of Americans change their zip code every year, we can say with certainty that moving has had a serious impact on the environment. Fuel consumption, waste, the abundant use of packing materials – all these qualify relocation as an eco-unfriendly process. If your environmental awareness prevents you from looking the other way, find out more about eco-friendly moving solutions you can resort to. With the good cause in mind, a number of moving companies have started to offer green supplies and packing materials. The choice is up to you. But keep in mind that going green is a good way to save money, energy and mother Earth.

Downsize the luggage by making donations

How many pairs of old boots have you got? Do you ever manage to wear all the items from your wardrobe? We all tend to clutter our home with a lot of stuff we don’t really need. By donating the clothes, books and other unwanted items, you are doing two good deeds at once.  You are helping the ones that are deprived of basic living conditions and making an eco-friendly decision. The fewer items to pack, the fewer boxes you waste. And the good news is – lighter load decreases both fuel consumption and the price of your move!

Choose to recycle electronics

You should never throw old electronic devices into rubbish. But don’t keep them just to attract dust either. Be honest to yourself and say goodbye to the ancient DVD player, speakers, portable storage and other gadgets you never use. The same goes for large units. Explore local e-waste programs and stores that offer electronics recycling. Many of them come directly to your address to collect the gadgets if you have a number of them to dispose of. You can even earn some extra money by recycling electronic waste from your home.

One of the best eco-friendly moving solutions is a green mover

Green organizations have made a significant impact on the environmental awareness of local authorities and their fellow citizens over the past years. For example, LA was the first city to introduce the internationally recognized standard for constructing environmentally friendly buildings. But that’s not all. Eco-awareness has become ingrained in every part of the society. Nowadays, it is easy to find a reliable professional moving company Los Angeles based, that offers alternatives to traditional packing supplies.

A green reusable bag.
Green movers offer a range of reusable packing supplies.

Moreover, many of them have introduced a range of reusable boxes to suit the needs of environmentally conscious customers.

Rentable boxes and recycled packing material

The best alternative to a traditional cardboard box is a reusable plastic box. They are rentable and do a great job when it comes to protection of fragile items. Of course, you can buy as many as you need if you have a place to store them, but one of the best things about these boxes is the fact that you can return them promptly after the move. Recycled packing paper is another great option if you’re looking for eco-friendly moving solutions. As it undergoes the recycling process, movers can use this paper over and over again. In addition, many movers offer biodegradable packing peanuts to complete the move in the best possible manner for the environment.

Wrapping materials

As for the above-mentioned plastic moving crates, you can find them in all sizes and use them hundreds of times. But when it comes to safeguarding, the alternative to regular wrapping comes in the form of biodegradable packaging materials.

Brown packing paper.
Recycled paper is a great alternative to traditional wrapping materials

The significant advantage of biodegradable packaging material is the fact that it can be decomposed and recycled. Once again, packing services Los Angeles offer state-of-the-art eco-solutions. But if you prefer to be inventive, there are DIY packing solutions to explore as well.

Inventive packing solutions

In addition to eco-friendly moving solutions that are available in the form of green boxes and materials, there are other ways to make your move less detrimental to the environment. Be creative with the items you already have in your home. You don’t have to buy wrapping material. Use old towels, clothes, sheets or even socks when moving your household. What about the bunch of old newspapers in your living room corner? Instead of throwing it away, use the old papers to safeguard fragile items and kitchenware. As for boxes, drop by a local liquor store and see what they’ve got. You’ll be surprised to know that you really don’t need to buy anything to pack your stuff properly.

Use green cleaning products

Relocation is bound to lead to a complete mess. And this mess needs cleaning. The more detergents you use, the more you pollute the air and living space. As good as they are in killing bacteria, most household cleaners are dangerously toxic.

A box of baking soda. - one of many eco-friendly moving solutions
Baking soda is a great eco-friendly cleaning solution

Instead of opting for unsafe chemicals, use vinegar-based products and baking soda to clean the premises. By disposing of these toxic chemicals, you can create a healthier environment and declutter your kitchen from unhealthy products at the same time.

Move your stuff efficiently and explore eco-friendly moving solutions

If you’re thinking about relocating your household by yourself, reconsider your options. By relying on professional moving services, you can get the work done in half a time and much more efficiently. Professionals know how to pack luggage into a moving vehicle with the experience of a Tetris player. Therefore, they’ll know exactly how many moving vehicles you actually need. In addition, these moving vehicles have all the necessary equipment for a long journey on the road. And the fewer vehicles you engage, the less fuel it takes.