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Top neighborhoods for families in LA

When looking for a perfect place to settle in with your kids, you have a lot on your mind. The ideal neighborhood should have all the necessary amenities to make your everyday life as easy as it can be. It’s supposed to be friendly, clean, well-kept and, hopefully, safe. We all want what’s best for our kids. That is why the system of public schools and kindergartens is also a decisive factor. Looking for such a place in LA is both exciting and challenging. Los Angeles has hundreds of different neighborhoods and districts, all of which have their own bright sides and downsides. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of the most popular neighborhoods for families in LA, according to locals. Who knows, one of them may soon become your new home!

A house in Beverly Hills.
Finding a home in LA is exciting and challenging at the same time. But have you found some of the best neighborhoods for families in LA?

Sherman Oaks

Population          61,166

Located in the proximity of Bel Air, this peaceful neighborhood with broad boulevards offers a perfect retreat from the city hustle. Young educated people and newlyweds make up most of the population. With the abundance of green spaces, Sherman Oaks has all the lure of a suburban nabe, but without a shortage of exciting places for fine dining and entertainment. For a day in nature, head over to the Sherman Oaks Park, where your sporty offspring can enjoy a number of recreational activities. There are basketball courts, a children’s play area, a football field, tennis courts, and even a public swimming pool. As for safety, this is one of the best places in the States. According to the statistics, the number of violent crimes is absolutely minimal. The fact that crime rates are way below the national average is one of the things that families love about Sherman Oaks.

Beverly Grove

Population          22,428

Living in Beverly Grove means living in the very epicenter. Situated between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, this nabe has all the charm of the old LA, combined with the vibrancy of an urban setting. Housing opportunities are diverse. One of the prestigious LA neighborhoods, Beverly Grove keeps adding new condos and apartment buildings. There is a number of apartment complexes just off the main avenues. You can also find plenty of small apartments as well as large, single-family houses. All in all, there’s something to fit every taste. In addition to reputable public schools, Beverly Grove boasts a selection of high-standard private schools, which are mostly Jewish. Even though the traffic can be awful, it’s easy to get by around the neighborhood, as it’s rather walkable. As for entertainment opportunities, you need not worry. Your little ones will be pleased!

Beverly Hills

Population           34,484

Beverly Hills is downright beautiful. The symbol of lavish, upscale living, Beverly Hills is the embodiment of the LA dream. Needless to say, luxurious estates that dominate the area are reserved for the well-off. But if you’re looking for a perfect place to fit your gorgeous fireplace and the grand concert piano that’s been in your family for decades, you’re most likely to find it in Beverly Hills. Piano movers Los Angeles will be pleased to help you set up your royal premises. But let’s get back to reality. Beverly Hills has much more to offer than a selection of impressive mansions.

A shopping district in Beverly Hills.
Beverly Hills is the embodiment of the LA dream

This small nabe is very friendly and fosters a strong sense of community. The schools in the area are among the most reputable in the country. Vast green areas, such as Beverly Gardens Park, offer plenty of space for recreation and outdoor fun. There’s no doubt. Tidy and orderly, Beverly Hills is certainly one of the nicest neighborhoods for families in LA.

South Pasadena – one of the best neighborhoods for families in LA

Population           25,888

The prime example of small-town America, South Pasadena has managed to reserve all the old charm of the early 20th century. With the average unemployment rate of 3.6% and a steady job market growth, residents of South Pasadena have no difficulties scoring a job. You don’t need to burn the candle at both ends to make a living in this small community. This area also boasts one of the most prestigious public school systems. Local kids take pride in great academic performance, which is a testimony to the high-class educational system of the nabe. Upon completing their secondary education, any of them end up in the most prestigious Californian colleges.

Two little girls writing their homework.
Public schools are among the most reputable in the country

And the homes are absolutely beautiful. The only problem lies in high demand. When you’re browsing the area for an available furniture delivery service Los Angeles, you have to book far in advance. Even though housing prices have gone through the roof, families are not ready to give up their Pasadena dream.

Silver Lake

Population           31,603

Speaking of the best neighborhoods for families in LA, it would be unfair not to mention Silver lake. Very convenient to live in, Silver Lake is a small, walkable community situated in the central region of Los Angeles. You can run all your errands within a 10-minute walk. Drop by a grocery store, have a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe on the corner and get back before you know it. In addition, Santa Monica Metro station is only 15 minutes away.  If you want to live in a place that really feels like a community, Silver Lake is a place to consider. It’s safe, dog-friendly and cyclist-friendly. But at the same time, it’s a vibrant hood with plenty of opportunities for dining and entertainment. What more could a newcomer wish for? It is not inexpensive, but with all the amenities and convenience to make everyday life easy, it’s worth it.