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How much should you tip your movers

So, you decided to move? That’s great news! Moving is something that everyone experiences throughout their lives. It is usually hard but not when you get tips from a great moving company West Hollywood. One of the tips and tricks that many moving companies appreciate is when the tip goes the other way around. So not from the moving company to you, in terms of blog posts and articles, but when you actually tip them for their hard work. Well, this article is all about that. Today, we answer the question of how much should you tip your movers. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Tipping your movers – what’s to know?

Everyone who does service to other people appreciates when someone gives them a tip. It really means much when someone actually acknowledges your effort and pays a bit extra for it. However, if you move often, you may realize through small talk or whatever your preferred method of “getting information” is, that most movers do not even expect a tip. This is because the amount of money you pay for your move is quite enough to cover everyone’s expenses and effort. Therefore, tipping your movers is not a must, but everyone is appreciative when you go a step above the rest and show gratitude where people usually do not. So, let’s get down to the amount of money you should tip your movers.

tip your movers
Tip your movers for good service!

Some simple ways to tip your movers

There are, of course, simpler ways to tip your movers when you are doing a last-minute move. When you do not want to spend money, and you feel that the price of the whole move is quite enough to cover everyone’s expenses then you can use some of these simpler ways. These simpler ways include buying drinks or lunch for your movers. Imagine doing some hard lifting work during the hot summer days. Who would not want a cold drink a bite to eat? That exactly what you can offer to your movers. Get some lemons and make lemonade just before your move. When your movers arrive and start doing their thing, make sure to offer a cold beverage. In addition, you can offer to take everyone to lunch when they are having a break, or just make something while they are packing and loading the truck. Movers are human beings after all, and they will most certainly enjoy a bite to eat and a cold drink.

However, do not offer your movers beer or any other alcoholic beverage. While most people appreciate and will accept your offer, this may get them in trouble with their boss. Do not tempt them to accept an offer that will get the movers in trouble. So, buy some lemons and make some lemonade!

How much should you tip your movers?

Now, let’s get down to the real question. How much should you tip your movers when transitioning from your old home to the new one? There are some general guidelines and we will list them now. For example, if you are having a half-day move, 4 hours or less, a general idea is to tip them $20. When it comes to larger moves, you should double the tip if it is a full workday, and even more if the move lasts longer. If the move lasts for longer than a workday, for example, 12 hours, you should tip your movers $50+. Another thing to note is that all of these numbers count per mover. So, if it is a half workday move you should give $20 per mover, $40 per mover for a full workday, and so on. There is also another way to calculate this. You can, for example, give the movers a 4/5$ tip per hour. Count the number of hours your move has lasted and give the appropriate amount to your movers.

tip your movers
How much you should tip your movers depends on the services they provide

Furthermore, your tip should reflect the level of service that the movers provide to you. If they do not add any additional fees and follow their moving quotes Los Angeles, think about tipping them. However, there is no need to tip your movers for a sub-par effort. So, if they are, for example, moving a piano or some antique items, you should give them a tip. In addition, if they were friendly and kind to you and your family, that deserves a tip as well. Furthermore, if they are quick and do not take many breaks, that is also tip worthy. So, do not blindly give out tips. See if the movers earned them and give an appropriate sum for their effort.

When you should not tip your movers?

There are also some situations when tipping your movers does not seem like a good idea. That is when the movers deliver a sub-par moving experience and when they slack off. Situations like your movers being late, negligent packing and unpacking, and not enough effort when unloading a truck. There have been many situations when movers put a box labeled as “upstairs bedroom” to your downstairs kitchen. This is definitely a situation when you should not tip them, or just make a notion about it when tipping them for an otherwise great job. Another reason when you should definitely not tip your movers is when they charge you by the hour and then take too many breaks. This is the stuff that irresponsible people do, or just the kind of people that just want to take as much money as they can from you. Definitely not tip-worthy.


To conclude, you should tip your movers if they deserved it. If they provided an excellent service then tipping them should feel like something totally natural. However, if they disappoint in more than one way, there is no need to tip them. Well, with all that said, good luck with your move!