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How to help pets adjust to a new neighborhood

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, it is not an easy endeavor. You need to think about so many things and pay attention to a hundred more. One of these things is the well being of your pets. They will feel this change of surroundings as much as you, if not more. The hard part for them is that they do not know why everything is happening, and why they are forced to adapt to a new home and neighborhood. Well, this article deals with your ability to help pets adjust to a new neighborhood. Everyone has it in them, you probably just need some guidelines on how to do it properly. So, let us begin!

Help pets adjust to a new neighborhood

Changing your pet’s surroundings will begin to affect them before you actually move. It will begin during the preparations for the move when everything in the house is either in boxes or lying around the house, out of its ordinary position. New unknown people offering packing services Los Angeles disrupting their daily lives. Cats and dogs are creatures of habit as much as ourselves so, moving different objects around the house is certainly going to make them feel something is going to change. The most important thing to remember is that you should not punish them if they act strangely. This is all due to a sudden change of your surroundings and the new schedule.

strange behavior is a reason to help pets adjust to a new nighborhood
Your dog may start behaving strangely after your move

Help your dog adjust to the moving process

Before you actually move, you will need to take your dog to your new house. This way it can get the feeling and smell before you actually move to live there. If you are moving long distance, this is probably not going to be possible due to the sheer distance between your old and your new home. So, a good idea is to take something from the new home when you are going to check it out with your real estate agent and bring it to your dog. This way it can familiarize itself with the smell of the new home and will probably have an easier time adjusting. Also, do not try to put them on a leash when you are packing. Setting them to roam free around the house and poke around the boxes will help it adjust to change.

Help your cat to the moving process

Cats are a bit trickier in this regard. You will probably need to put them in a cat carrier unless you have a lazy fat cat that does not mind lying down on the back seat of your car and not moving. This is because most cats do not like getting carried in cat carriers. They do not like to be constricted to a small place without exit. They like their freedom. This is the reason why you should leave the cat carrier lying around your house while you are preparing for the move. This will give the cat ample opportunity to explore the carrier. It may even decide to go inside on its own. When you start your move, do not let your cat out of the carrier, no matter how hard it meows. A loose cat in the car may distract you while driving and affect your focus.

Your cat may need some adjusting to the carrier

Beginning the move

When you start the actual move, there are some things to pay attention to while traveling with your pets, and how to handle them at your new home. When you arrive at your destination it is important to keep your cat in the carrier or your dog leashed somewhere it will not distract you from moving in and unpacking. It is also dangerous to let your pets roam around the new surroundings unsupervised. While your movers provide their moving services Los Angeles, you need to keep your pet away, so they do not cause any distractions to the moving process.

Your dog needs to be happy in your new neighborhood!

If someone can take your pet for a day or two while you are moving in, that would be great. Ask your family members or friends to help you out during this time of need. This is a much better idea than what some people are proposing, to lock your cat or dog in a small room with food and do not let them out while you are doing the unpacking process. A little inhumane if you ask us.

Adjusting to the new home and neighborhood

So, you have unpacked and settled in. You are still adjusting to the new surroundings. However, you are not the only one. Your pet is too. And he needs your help to do it faster. There are some ways to do this and we will list them now:

  • Try to have the same schedule as before

If your pet had a schedule, such as walking them at a certain point of the day, or feeding time, you should stick to the same schedule. Another good idea is to keep everything arranged as you had in your old home. This will give your pet a sense of familiarity, even though the surroundings and smells are all different. By keeping the same schedule and furniture arrangement as you did in your old home you will help your pets adjust to a new neighborhood.

  • Take them out

Taking your pets out of your home and around the neighborhood will help them get adjusted to it faster. Letting them roam around freely in the nearby parks and getting to know other dogs will make them feel at home faster. They will also give you the opportunity to meet your new neighbors!

  • Be patient

This is a very important step if you want to help pets adjust to a new neighborhood. You need to give them time to adjust. They may be behaving strangely, and unlike their old selves, but to not be hasty to punish them immediately. They are just getting used to your new home. Your pets just need a bit longer to do so than you.