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How to prepare piano for a move?

When we’re talking about professionalism in the moving business, nothing shows a company’s responsibility better than a relocation of a valuable item such as a piano. There need to be certain guidelines that are necessary to follow in order to prepare piano for a move. Many things can go wrong if the movers don’t know how to handle this musical instrument during the move, and that’s why it’s important for you to choose an experienced Los Angeles moving company to help you with the relocation of the said instrument. A piano is heavy, bulky, and hard to transport if there is no expertise in this field, and that’s why you should carefully choose who is going to execute the move. Here are a couple of tips on how a piano is prepared for a move.

Calculating and clearing the path

When the moving truck arrives at your house, the movers are going to be calculating how they’re going to be transporting the piano throughout the house and into the truck. As we already mentioned, it’s important that you find people who are experienced in this. You should search for piano movers Los Angeles because that will allow you to find people specialized in this. After they calculate the appropriate path, the movers are going to slowly start carrying the piano. You should leave little kids or pets out of the room if they are present. They could easily get in the way and get themselves hurt.

Use appropriate equipment to prepare piano for a move

Considering the importance of safe piano transport, there needs to be a proper use of equipment. It’s important to use good padding so there is no damage done to the piano. Sometimes just a little bump leaves a scratch. A reliable residential movers will make sure the piano gets padded out completely. A rope is used to tie down a piano so it’s fixated. It gets tricky if a piano doesn’t get immobilized properly. There have been many instances where an accident happen because of poor immobilization. Movers usually use dollies to carry the weight of the piano. It would be otherwise impossible to accomplish such a task. Depending on the type of piano, some movers tend to remove the legs so the transport is even easier. It’s important to carefully and slowly accomplish this process because hurrying will only make the matters worse.

effective way to prepare a piano for a move
Using all of the equipment at your disposal to secure your piano

Making sure the piano is safe in the truck

Once you’ve managed to put it onto a dolly, it’s important to prepare piano for a move in the truck. Considering the fact that a lot of things could go wrong with the transport, learn more about some safety moving tips.  It’s important to set up the piano before anything else. Make sure that it’s located at the far end of the truck’s trailer, as that will make it the least vulnerable item of the batch.  Another important thing to consider would be to use wooden planks. They will allow the piano to stand on something that’s flat, as a lot of trailer floors aren’t.  Make sure that when you’re unloading the truck to unload the piano last. That will allow you to successfully pull it out without causing any damage to it.

moving truck
Make sure the piano is safely put into the truck

Protecting the keyboard at all costs

Apart from the legs, it’s important to secure the keyboard of the piano. It’s the most fragile part of the instrument, and it should be taken care of very meticulously. If you can, make sure to close the lid that protects the keyboard. Locking it would be an even better thing to do if it’s possible. If, by any chance, there is no lid to close on, looking up a good moving company Los Angeles will make sure that you find the people that will help you with this problem. Don’t try to improvise yourself when it comes to your keyboard protection, as that can only lead to a more serious problem. Some people try to tape the lid by themselves, using all sorts of materials, just to find themselves with a broken piano keyboard. A good moving company will make sure nothing bad happens to your piano keyboard.

piano keyboard
When trying to prepare piano for a move, make sure the keyboard is safe

Disassembling the piano

If you’re trying to move a piano by yourself without the help of professionals,  you should definitely consider disassembling the piano first. Depending on the distance of your move, maybe you would like to do this on your own which is totally understandable. However, keep in mind that last minute moving requires help from professionals. Disassembling a piano doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be difficult, of course depending on the type of piano you own.  There are three main parts you’re supposed to disassemble.

Disassembling the lyre

It’s important to be very careful when disassembling the lyre, as it’s very easy to break something. The lyre is in connection with the pedals, so make sure you’re doing this as gently as possible. This is usually done with a screwdriver. Try to unscrew everything without losing any screws, as that will make your life a lot easier. Pad and wrap the lyre properly so it doesn’t damage itself during the rest of the disassembly.

Disassembling the lid

Disassembling the lid is similar to disassembling the lyre, but you have a bit more freedom when it comes to your carefulness. The lid isn’t as fragile as the lyre, so you don’t have to be extra careful when removing it. This doesn’t mean that you should go wild while removing it, but that you can relax yourself a bit more in comparison to the lyre.

Disassembling the pedals

If you want to completely prepare piano for a move, you will have to remove the pedals as well. As we already said, they are connected to the lyre, so by disassembling the lyre, you’ve done half the job. Depending on the type of piano you have, you will remove a number of pedals, usually three or more. Make sure to do this carefully.