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Inspiring ideas for California gardeners

Gardening is a beautiful thing you can do to make your garden look great and it is also a very soothing activity. The fragrance you will feel when you exit your house will make all the months of hard work worth it. But, when you live in California it may happen that the weather is too hot and dry. This may pose some problems with sustaining your plants from drying out. That is why we have created this article. We will talk in detail how to preserve your plants and also how to make it look more appealing. A beautiful garden will make your housewarming party feel amazing! So, inspiring ideas for California gardeners. Let’s get to it!

Good ideas for California gardeners

If you are a gardener, and you probably are since you are reading this, you probably know the feeling of planting something, waiting for a while, and then watching it grow. And when it grows and becomes a flower, the sense of accomplishment is real. In addition, the fragrance is beautiful and it really makes your house stand out from the crowd. Imagine browsing houses on a real estate website. If there is a garden in the first picture there is a much higher chance that you will start looking for affordable movers Los Angeles as soon as possible! Statistics also show that people view the ads for houses with gardens more than the ones without a garden. Furthermore, a good garden can really increase the value of your home if you are planning on selling it. But if you are not, and just want to make your front and back yard look and feel amazing, keep on reading this article as we will explore inspiring ideas for California gardeners.

A beautiful garden can increase your house’s appeal

Sustainable gardening

Sustainable gardening is a great idea when it comes to gardening in California. This is because the weather is sometimes not so pleasant for growing plants. That is why you need to create an environment for your plants to thrive. Let’s see what you can do.

Going organic

You have probably heard this phrase throughout all spheres of life. Well, that applies to gardening as well. If you go organic your garden will be much more sustainable because there will be fewer chemicals in your ground and plants and you will also do an ecological favor to the environment. It will also be a lot more cost-effective. This is even more important if you are planning on growing food for yourself and your family. A step you need to take before planting your organic plants is that you need to have good, healthy soil. Grow your soil on your own and add natural compost. This will make the soil filled with much more nutrients and it will help with many types of pests and plant disease. With the world going more and more into the organic, it was only a matter of time when gardening became affected by the trend. Certainly one of the most inspiring ideas for California gardeners.

Ogranic ideas for California gardeners
Organic is important if you are growing your own food

Put mulch on the ground

Mulch is one of the best natural ways to make your garden protected from weeds, and also give it enough natural nutrients for your plants to feed from. Worms and other organisms will slowly work towards decomposing the mulch so that it becomes one with the ground. If you are not aware, mulch is chipped tree bark which is placed on the ground you want to plant. Other than tree bark, mulch can be cocoa bean hulls, pine needles, grass clippings, and coir. All of these are organic. There is a moving company West Hollywood that will agree to move your garden equipment if you decide to move. Furthermore, there are some non-organic types of mulch. One of these is the plastic sheeting. They have the same function but you as a Californian gardener want to create the best environment for your plants to thrive on. This does not mean that plastic sheeting does not work, but the benefits of organic mulch are way too numerous to ignore, so it is much better to use that.

Mulch can help decrease the amount of weeds

Plant native plants

This is a very important notion in gardening. You want to have plants that are native to your location. This is because plants that are not native to your region will have a hard time. You can get native Californian seeds online. If you have a plant from a very humid area, it will probably dry out in California if you are not extra diligent with it. However, even if you water regularly, extreme head during peak hours of the day may make it lose its bloom. This is because plants from humid places are used to constant or frequent rain and humid ground. Arid Californian ground may prove to be too inhospitable for the plants you want to plant in your garden. This can be a big blow to the appeal of your garden but it is better to have healthy plants than having trouble maintaining non-native ones. However, if you get the right products, you may be able to create a sustainable environment for them. It is only up to you to see if it is worth it.

Reduce the size of your lawn

Reducing the size of your lawn and planting more plants there can really increase the appeal of your garden. However beautiful and pleasant to the eye lawns may be, colorful flowers will always be more appealing. So, consider changing a part of your lawn into a garden. Another great eco-friendly solution is to use manual lawnmowers. This is because the gas-powered lawnmower emits as much carbon as driving a car for 45 miles. So, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, make sure to ditch the gas-powered lawnmower and use the manual one.

Well, this concludes the article of inspiring ideas for California gardeners. We hope that the article was helpful and we wish you good luck in your gardening endeavors.