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Planning an LA Housewarming Party

Buying a new home is a pretty valid reason to celebrate with your friends and family. Or, if you feel like you haven’t partied in a while, relocating might be the perfect excuse to throw an LA housewarming party. Whether you want to take some time to recover from the move and get to know your new neighborhood first, or you want to get it over with immediately and relax later is up to you. Still, a housewarming party is something your friends probably expect, and it should be on your post-move checklist. Besides, you need to have some fun, too – and you deserve it.

A toy gun shooting letters that spell the word "party"
Throwing a housewarming party is the most enjoyable part of moving to LA.

Do not worry too much

Once your long distance movers Los Angeles are gone, and everything is put in its place, it is time to celebrate. If you think hosts can’t truly relax, we assure you that is not true. If you are a bit of a control freak who wants everything to be perfect, taking some time to plan this gathering is necessary. Provided that you plan your LA housewarming party well, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. You have worried enough about your move, now is the time to unwind. 

Key decisions to make when planning an LA housewarming party

How much can you spend?

Even if you’re not looking for the best moving companies in Los Angeles and go only for the cheapest ones, moving is not free. On the contrary. You have probably spent a lot of money on your relocation, which means you are not happy about spending some more. Fortunately, having a limited budget does not mean you can’t have a great LA housewarming party. You just need to be more creative and practical. Decide how much you are willing to spend and start from there. This decision will impact many other decisions, such as the number of guests, choice of food and beverages, decoration, etc. 

Who is on your guest list?

First of all, you should decide who you want to see at your party. This may be a great opportunity to get to know your new colleagues/neighbors better if you have just moved to LA for the first time. Will you tell your friends to bring whoever they want? Perhaps you don’t want any strangers in your home? And how many people can even fit in your new place? You do not want to invite 30 people to a micro-apartment, for example. Also, bear in mind that someone might cancel at the last minute. All in all, think carefully and make a list before inviting people.

A paper card with a red ribbon and the sentence "You are invited"
Open invite or an exclusive guest list – what is your choice?

When is your LA housewarming party?

Setting a reasonable date is very important. You want the people you care about to show up, so pick a date that works for everyone. The safest way to pick the right date is by simply asking them when they are available. The date, as well as the time of the day usually depends on everyone’s work schedule. Also, you might want to take a few weeks or even months after the move to recover financially and mentally. After all, both your budget and your mind have been through a lot.

What is the best location?

The location is your home, of course, but is it going to be an indoor or an outdoor party? Having a spacious backyard has many benefits. One of them is the possibility of having an outdoor party. This way, your home won’t get dirty or messy. Fortunately, in LA, you can have an outdoor party even when moving in the winter. Yes, LA weather is usually sunny and warm but that does not mean you can always throw an outdoor party. It could be too hot or rainy. Therefore, watching the weather forecast is a must. Also, your new neighbors may complain about the noise and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with them. So, make sure you know your limitations.

How do you invite people?

This depends on how formal your Los Angeles housewarming party is. This is a casual event, therefore, you do not need to invite your guests months in advance. Of course, you should not wait until the last day either because they need to organize their time as well. Somewhere between three weeks and five days before the party would be ideal. You can make phone calls, use social media, send emails, or even paper invitations (simple print-at-home cards will do).

What kind of food should you serve?

Homemade appetizer treats, punch and signature cocktails are a great choice for a housewarming party. If cooking is not your cup of tea, you can order food for the party and spare yourself the trouble. Making sure that everyone gets something they like will show that you truly care. More importantly, if there are any vegans, vegetarians or people with food allergies on your guest list, provide something they can eat, too.

A table full of food prepared for an LA housewarming party
You can find numerous food recipes and DIY decorating ideas for your LA housewarming party online.

How to prepare your new LA home?

  • Cleaning – You can do this by yourself or have professionals help you. Still, cleaning your new place before the guests arrive is common sense. Moving is dirty, and a lot of cleaning needs to be done. With a tidy, clean home, you do not even need to decorate.
  • Decorating – However, if you enjoy decorating, why not have some fun? Choose a theme and stick to it. Include flowers, colorful napkins and tablecloths, candles, balloons, etc.
  • Avoiding damage and injuries – Preparing your home for an LA housewarming party does not only mean making it look better. It also involves taking some safety precautions. For example, you do not want to have fragile and dangerous items lying around. So, put them in a closet or a room you don’t plan on using, like the basement. This way, you protect both your belongings and your guests.
  • Protecting valuables – Make sure your valuables are locked somewhere, especially if any strangers are coming to the party. After all, not everyone needs to see your antique vase worth thousands of dollars.