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Making Your Apartment Cat-Friendly

Making your apartment cat-friendly could be very challenging. It is especially tough if you move into a new apartment. There are a lot of things that you should know about a cat’s life. Also, there are a lot of great gadgets that people made for pets. You can use them to make your pet entertained while you are not at home. Some other devices could help you keep your apartment clean. No matter how your pet looks like and how large it is, you can hire professional movers in West Los Angeles to help you when moving.

What can you do?

Psychologists recommend having pets no matter how and with you live. The reason is love and care that you will give to them and take back. However, you could be sure that your life will be much better and interesting if you have a pet. Cats are great pets for everyone. They are small, clean, and usually do not make a mess in the home. If you worry about scratches on the furniture, you should take special gadgets for that.

A cat on a blanket.
You should take as much old stuff that belongs to your cat when moving.

Making your apartment cat-friendly means making space

Although cats are not that large they need space. You should know that your apartment will have a special corner for them. It is not about the space that much. More important is that they need their toys and sandbox that they used on. In that way, you will control them much easier. You will have a more special place that only they will use and not make a mess at the rest of the home.

  • Space is very important for cats – it does not presume large rooms for them, but they love to mark the territory that can call their;
  • When making your apartment cat-friendly you should pay attention that it should have a lot of sun – cats love to feel in a wild every day;
  • It would be best if you have a yard – it is hard to have a yard or buy a large house but you should have a space in nature for your cat;
  • Provide safe space for your cat – they will feel more comfortable and you will have a great place and always be sure that they are protected;
  • If you want to bring equipment and toys for your cat from the old home ask JB Movers Los Angeles to help you.

Space for hiding

Cats love to hide and climb, so the first you should make for them is something that looks like a tree with bushes. Even though, they will surely go below the chairs or sofa. However, you can buy great toys and equipment for climbing and jumping. If you need to organize local moving and relocate all of them from the old apartment ask for professional help.

Cats also love to watch nature through the window. You can provide them that if choose an apartment with a view. However, you must make the whole apartment safe, so make sure that they cannot jump or fall off the window. If you have special equipment to put there, ask for special services when moving. You surely know that cats sharp nails on objects in your home. Most of them will use your furniture for that purpose. However, you can buy special toys and fake trees that will replace your chairs. Do not leave the cat alone for the first days, at least until she learns which place is for playing.

Making your apartment cat-friendly is easier if you buy new, interesting toys

You can be sure that every cat would love to have toys and gadgets to play with. It will help you a lot, too. Your cat will have a place and toys for having fun when you are not at home. Also, every cat loves to have their property. If you chose a toy that they would like you will have a much better pet than you can imagine. You can ask people in a store for advice when purchasing toys.

A cat hiding in a box.
Cats love to hide.

Bring old things

If you move with the cat into a new apartment, you should bring all the old toys she used. It will help her to adapt to the new home easily. Also, she will not show hostile behavior to your new furniture. Cats are like humans with feelings, so make sure that you have made the new home as friendly as you can. Since cats love to climb and jump, you should make the home adapted to their needs. You will see how easy they will adapt to the new apartment when having a place for playing. However, do not make the house too adapted to them. Otherwise, you will get a jumping cat and ruined walls and curtains. You can buy great toys for these purposes in pet shops.

Adapt your cat to the new environment before making your apartment cat-friendly

Do not hurry with making the home cat-friendly. The first you should do is adapt your cat to a new space. Cats are not simple and they need care and effort. If they do not like the new place you will have a big problem in adapting. Also, cats are sensitive and hardly adapt to changes. You must make effort to make the home nice and acceptable for them. Luckily, it is not hard if listen to professionals.

Do not save on good food

Cat owners know what their pets love to eat the most. So, this is time to buy them the most favorite food. In that way, they will accept the new home much easier. Also, you will have time for adapting the cat and making the home more acceptable to them.

A cat enjoying the sun.
Cats love to spend their time near windows.

Since you and your cat have moved to the new home, she will need time to adapt to the new habits, too. It is much better to provide to it with more than one box with sand. Put it in each corner and decrease the number of it gradually.

Spend time with your cat

It is important, now more than ever, for your cat to feel your love. You should make time for cuddles. Helping your cat adjust to a new home is a long and difficult process. However, when everything falls into place, you both will love your new home. Making your apartment cat-friendly will be easier if you have time and patience.