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West LA vs Culver City – which one do students prefer?

When you finally get accepted to your college of choice, it is a great achievement worthy of celebrating. Even though, of course, you still have to finish your studies you pretty much haven’t begun yet, there is a cause for celebration. Not only were you accepted, but you are also most likely going to face the closest thing the modern US has to a right of passage – moving out. You will be going to a campus or an apartment of your own, for the first time dealing with all the things a young adult has to learn. It can be tough, but it is a trill and now the only question is where you will go. Being that you clicked on this article, you are most likely thinking about California and are trying to decide West LA vs Culver City. We are here to help out!

Culver city

So, first of all, let us begin by talking about Culver City. When Culver City movers relocate you to your campus or apartment, they will be relocating you to south California, by the sea. The city is a small one, around 40 000 people strong, and mostly surrounded by the city of Los Angeles, and is part of the same county.

A beach in California.
What to expect in Culver City?

Culver City offers a lot of employment opportunities. The presence of Sony Pictures Entertainment and NFL is a pretty important thing when you are considering jobs during and after studies. The city itself has three higher educational institutions. That would be:

  • The Antioch University Los Angeles – A small, nonprofit liberal arts college;
  • West Los Angeles College – community college that offers two years of academic studies;
  • UCLA IDEAS campus – Suprastudio specializing in Architecture.

This is a small offering, sure, but the location of Culver City provides excellent access to Los Angeles and its educational facilities while also offering cheaper apartment prices and live further from the city center. This is something a young adult, especially one living alone, might appreciate.

Los Angeles

However, if you are to hire one of the moving companies in West Los Angeles, you will start your student days in the City of Los Angeles, aka the City of Angels. LA is not only the largest city in California but, with its 4 million people, it is also the second-most populous city in the United States.

No one hasn’t heard of LA. It is a shining beacon of the entertainment industry, with the famous Hollywood located in LA. The metropolitan area of this city encompasses amazing 11.1 million people and therefore offers a lot of economic, but also an educational opportunity.

Los Angeles during the night.
What to expect in LA?

The entertainment capital of the world has a lot to offer to a student. There are 23 private and 9 college universities. This is even without  mentioning the famous Caltech, California Institute of Technology, who is the top STEm focused research institution on the face of Earth

West LA vs Culver City – what will be your pick?

So, now to the question in matter, what will you pick? Well, it depends on what you want. If affordability is the main variable with which you judge the decision, you should go with Culver City. However, Culver City does have its drawbacks. Sure, both living lives and, short term, moving quotes Los Angeles will be greater, but living in Los Angeles itself does have its perks, most of which are regarding the closeness of the educational facilities you are likely to be studying in.

However, it is not only the proximity but also opportunity. Living in LA will offer you a chance to be in the beating heart of STEM research and in the city that has a lot to offer to young, prospective students. That is not to say that there

How to plan properly

When you are moving for the first time, you must avoid needing to call up last minute movers in Los Angeles. Planning is key, and in planning, you should start as early as you possibly can. You need to make sure your move will go as smoothly as possible. The best way of doing that is to write things down and make a good list of everything that needs to be done on it. Everything from canceling gym memberships and remembering to pack snacks on the road to more important things like preparing paperwork, changing address, etc.

Tips on living like a student

Finally, when you are weighing West LA vs Culver City, you really need to understand what it takes to live like a College student. You should do your best to acquaint yourself with the necessities of studying. For example, fast internet is a must. You will probably have to have roommates. What kind of jobs are on the offer nearby etc.

Books and notebooks.
Whatever you decide in the battle of West LA vs. Culver City, you will have to look out for certain things.

As for general things, keep in mind the following three:

  • Manage your budget – Make sure you have your budget in order. It is tough when you have to manage money for the first month or two, but you get used to it. Try to write down your expenses.
  • Organize your studying – No matter the result of your West LA vs Culver City competition, you will have to study hard in both cities. Make sure you are always on top of your assignments or they will pile up.
  • Stay in contact – You are not alone, even though you might be far away. Be sure to both find new friends and keep in touch with friends and family back home.

To summarise the battle of West LA vs Culver City

There is no clear answer to the question of West LA vs Culver City. It is only a matter of what are your priorities. Where is your campus? What kind of an apartment are you looking for etc. However, we hope that this guide will help young students understand what kind of apartment they are looking for and find their own best path. So, which city do the students prefer? The answer is, unsatisfactory but true – “ti depends”.