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Moving the most precious items

Usually, when people move, they will take all the items with them. It is only reasonable to move your items as well since relocation is already expensive enough. For this reason, most people do not want to spend even more money on buying new furniture when their current one is in good condition. However, if you do not protect your items properly, you will have to pay for repairs. Even though movers Los Angeles are professionals and they will make sure to deliver your items in one piece, many unexpected things might happen. These things can put your items in danger, such as horrible road conditions, bad weather conditions, etc. Therefore, here are all the tips for moving the most precious items. 

What are the most precious items to move 

It is hard to list all the most precious items to move. Some people think their electronics are valuable while other people love their photo albums most.

moving the most precious items such as electronic gadgets
Make sure to protect your electronic gadgets since even the smallest scratches can cause damage.

However, the most common valuable items to move usually include the following. 

  • Pianos and other musical instruments 
  • Art collection 
  • A flat-screen TV and other electronic gadgets 
  • Expensive rugs 
  • Mattresses 
  • Aquariums 
  • Family heirlooms 
  • Safes 
  • Large furniture 
  • Household appliances 
  • Sculptures 

Most of the items on this list are either large or oddly shaped. If you have a piano or aquarium, you probably value these items most. For this reason, make sure to affordable movers Los Angeles since moving the most precious items can be expensive. 

Hiring a moving company 

Before you get a detailed guide for moving the most precious items, you should know how to find a reliable moving company. First, ask your family and friends for recommendations. They will not recommend a fraudulent moving company. If your friends and family cannot help you, then search on the Internet. However, you have to be careful. Make sure to visit the official websites of several moving companies. This is a good way to compare moving quotes. Then, check if movers have a license issued by the FMSCA. Only reliable movers can have this license. In addition to this, you should read several moving reviews. You can also check track records of several moving companies by visiting the official website of the BBB. Lastly, schedule an in-house estimate. Do not forget to ask all the important questions regarding your move.  

Moving the most precious items such as piano, flat-screen TV, paintings and mirrors 

Moving the piano is difficult. If your piano has been with you for generations, hire professionals. You should get proper padding and wrapping to prevent any damage. In addition to this, once movers deliver your piano, you should tune it. Lastly, clear the path when moving the piano to prevent bumps and scratches. Next, use the original box for packing your flat-screen TV. If you do not have it, you can buy special boxes and make sure to use bubble wrapping. Lastly, when you move valuable paintings and mirrors, you should use the padding, mat board, bubble wrapping, and foam. In addition to this, get special moving boxes if possible. Do not forget to label your boxes. Make sure to write FRAGILE so your movers will know to handle those boxes with great care. 

a grand piano
Find movers when moving your piano

Mattresses, rugs, and heirlooms 

Mattresses can be the most precious items to move. If you do not sleep well, then you will not have the energy to achieve your goals. However, due to their size and shape, mattresses are difficult to move. You can get a special bag or plastic cover to keep them clean and safe. Your movers can give you those special moving bags for your mattresses. These bags should provide proper ventilation and protection. Next, before you pack your rugs, make sure to clean them. You can have them professionally cleaned. Then, roll your rugs and secure them with a rope. Lastly, wrap them in a bag or use plastic wrapping material. Next, items are heirlooms and people fear to move those the most. Make sure to use enough bubble wrapping. If they are small, you can take those heirlooms with you. If not, find the best residential movers. 

Aquariums, large couches, and safes 

Aquariums are very difficult to move. The reason is simple. They are fragile, large, and oddly shaped. The best way to move aquariums is to hire movers. This is why you should read moving reviews. Make sure your potential moving company offers special moving services and knows how to move an aquarium. Next, large couches are not only big but also heavy. First, clean your couch. Then try to disassemble it. All the cushions should be packed in separate boxes. Make sure to label the boxes so you will know where they belong. In addition to this, you should not lift and carry your large couch alone. Either ask your friends to help you or have movers do the job. Also, get proper moving equipment, such as moving straps and dolly. Lastly, let movers move your safe since it is extremely heavy. 

green plant in clear glass fish tank
Prepare your aquarium for the move

Moving the most precious items – sculptures and large home appliances 

Usually, sculptures are large, heavy, and fragile. For this reason, let movers do the job. However, make sure to show the sculptures when movers come to do an in-house estimate. Because of their size, weight, and shape, movers will have to use special moving equipment. Therefore, your moving costs will be higher. On the other hand, large home appliances are only large and heavy. Make sure to take out all the food from your freezer and fridge. The same applies to your washing machine and dryer. Check if maybe some socks got stuck inside. In addition to this, clean all the appliances. Let them dry completely. Remove all the removable parts of your appliances. Secure the cords and doors with moving straps. Again, use a dolly or ask friends to help you when you need to carry the appliances to the moving truck.