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Why do you need a moving contract?

If you ever had to move, then you know how hard it is to organize a relocation. Most people would say that packing is the biggest hassle. You have to gather all the packing supplies, and then you have to pack your entire household. However, it is important to find reliable moving companies West Los Angeles. But – it will not matter if you pack your items properly if your movers are frauds. For this reason, you need something to protect your items. A moving contract might be one such thing. Why do you need a moving contract? Read the article to find out. 

You need a moving contract to avoid moving scams 

As mentioned, it is extremely important to hire reliable movers. You can protect your items if you know how to spot fraudulent movers. First, do proper research. Then, contact the same company. Ask for an in-house estimate. If they refuse and only insist on an online estimate, start to be suspicious. It is hard to estimate if movers do not visit your house to see the items in real life. In addition to this, pay attention to movers if they agree to visit your house. First, mark their punctuality. Then, see how they behave. Do they seem professional to you? Are they able to answer your questions about the estimate and your move? Lastly, when they finish estimating your home, ask them for a binding estimate. If they refuse to give one and only insist on a non-binding estimate, then do not hire them.  

man writing on paper
You should always have a moving contract!

How to find a reliable moving company 

In order to avoid having a headache thinking whether your movers are reliable or not, follow this guide to find reliable movers. First, you should ask your friends and family for recommendations if they moved. If not, then search on the Internet. Next, visit the official websites of moving companies. See what they offer. Then, go and read several moving reviews about the said companies. If a moving company has mostly negative comments and reviews, do not hire them even if they are the cheapest. In addition to this, you should check if a certain moving company has a license issued by the FMSCA. Only reliable movers can have this license. Lastly, you can check a  track record of one moving company by visiting the BBB. They have an official website so search for a moving company you are interested in. 

Read the moving contract carefully! 

Why do you need a moving contract? Well, it might happen that fraudulent movers offer a moving contract. Then, you might think that those movers are reliable. You would like them to be since most fraudulent movers offer the lowest moving quotes. For this reason, it is extremely important to read the moving contract carefully. First, see if you understand everything listed in one moving contract. If you simply do not understand certain aspects and policies, ask movers to explain those clauses. This is where you can see if they are reliable or not. If they give ambiguous answers, then it is time to get suspicious. In addition to this, if your moving documents seem quite empty, make sure to ask for the reason. If they say you will figure it as the time passes, do not believe them. This is the way to take your money.   

see with glasses why do you need a moving contract
Make sure to read carefully your contract even two times if necessary

Everything moving contracts need to have 

Since now you know why one moving contract is important, here is a list of all the things that should be written there. Make sure that West Hollywood movers offer a contract filled out with the following information. 

  • Basic information about the move 
  • Contact information 
  • Moving services provided 
  • All the additional fees that might happen 
  • The distance between the moving company, your home, and your new address 
  • Moving insurance as in, the provider, policy number, the fees 
  • A process for filing a claim 
  • The information about the moving truck, for example, the type of truck 
  • How to pay for the moving services 
  • The information about your items, if something is fragile, valuable, out of ordinary (piano, aquarium, hot tub, and similar) 

When you start reading your contract, make sure you can find the information above. In addition to this, if necessary, hire a lawyer to go over your contract 

You need a moving contract when filing a claim 

You probably know by now that moving to a new address is quite difficult. Anything can happen during this time. For example, movers cannot influence the weather conditions or state of roads. For this reason, accidents might happen. In this case, you should look at your contract again. See what you need to do in the case of late delivery, for example. In addition to this, movers might damage or lose your items and they can cause damage to your property. In order to claim insurance, you have to file the claim. For more information about the procedure, you should consult your moving contract. This is one of the main reasons why having a contract is necessary. You have proof that you can use even in court if necessary, to get your money back.  

two men shaking hands
You should have a good business relationship with movers

All the reason for having a contract 

Since a moving company is selling their moving services, they have to give out a receipt. After all, they have to offer a contract since it is defined by law. A contract is a way to protect your rights as a customer. For this reason, do not sign anything if you do not understand. Read carefully. Take a day to think about it. Consult a lawyer if necessary. Once you sign the contract, it means that you agree to all the conditions. Make sure to know your rights as a customer. The safety of your items is in the question. Therefore, these all would be the reasons why you need a moving contract.