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Moving to LA as an artist

Are you an aspiring artist looking to move to LA? While we understand how complicated moving to LA as an artist can be, that mustn’t stop you from chasing your dream. Art is a relentless pursuit of the dreams and realization of ideas. JB Movers Los Angeles can help you move to LA easy and stress-free. Start your move with ease by reading this useful guide. We will be there for you every step of the way while you transition to your new location.

LA has always been a place where the movie and music industries have flourished. As it’s a big place that consists of many neighborhoods you’re guaranteed to find a perfect place to advance your art career. To start the life you’ve dreamed of, call JB Moving!

Packing your studio by yourself or hiring a company?

Depending on what kind of artist you are, you might want to weight the pros and cons of packing your art tools and supplies by yourself. Moving Services Los Angeles can help you pack thoughtfully and carefully. Whatever you need to pack – be it canvases, sculptures, big bulky music instruments, or your art studio furniture – we can do it. Our movers are trained, experienced and they are well versed in moving art studios.

person packing
Depending on what kind of artist you are, you might want to weight the pros and cons of packing your art tools and supplies by yourself

Packing your own valuables, however done, may result in damage while the things are being transported due to the bad packing technique and common mistakes. If you’re unsure whether you’d rather have your precious art handled by professionals, you contact us to get informed. We’re happy to answer all of the questions that you have regarding the packing and transportation processes, the materials that we use, and other services that we offer.

Start packing early

Whether you decide to hire reliable professionals like Culver City movers to handle your packing process or do it on your own, you should start packing at least a month in advance. Decluttering might take a while, especially when it comes to art studios. Deciding what to keep, what to give to someone, or throw away can take much more time than the packing itself.

If there are paints, clay, or some other materials that are outdated and definitely can’t be used anymore, you should throw it away. It might take more energy and time to pack it than what it’s worth. When packing, remember to make a list of supplies that you’ll need for the packing. The list should involve materials that are appropriate for your situation. If you aren’t sure which materials to use and where to get them, give Culver City Movers a call!

cardboard boxes
You’ll need cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and many other materials.

Necessary materials when moving to LA as an artist

There are some of the materials that you’ll surely need. Your list should look similar to this one:

  • Packing Boxes – Moving to LA as an artist will definitely require a lot of packing boxes for your art supplies
  • Packing paper
  • Inflated cushioning – Bubble cushioning wrap and packing paper can both be used to fill in the additional space in the boxes. 
  • Sponge – Sponge is useful for securing the corners of paintings
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Tape

And after decluttering?

If there are items that you can trade, donate, or sell, you might benefit from the decluttering process. That way, you’ll carry fewer things. If your location isn’t far away from the place you’re moving into, you can drive delicate items yourself in a few rounds. If your studio has furniture and tools that you won’t need, you can always host a garage sale or put it up on eBay. That will help you get rid of the items that you don’t need anymore and that might just be additional baggage. That’s why it’s important to start decluttering early – you have the time to decide what to do with the items that you don’t need or want anymore.

box with caption "fragile"
When labeling boxes, don’t forget to write “fragile” on every side of the packing box.

Labeling your boxes

When labeling boxes, don’t forget to write “fragile” on every side of the packing box. This will let movers know that they need to treat the box extra carefully. It also helps them position it inside the moving truck.

Consider taking your items to storage

Moving to LA as an artist is no small feat. It requires a tremendous amount of time and energy. If all you need for your perfect move is more space – don’t worry. We have great storage services which can solve your lack of space. If you think that you might not be able to set up your studio right away, considering putting your art items into our storage space for a limited time might be beneficial. That way, you’ll know that they are safely tucked away. They are cool and dark, which is important for some paintings. While your valuables are at storage, you can arrange your furniture. Also, clean the room where you’d like to put them and when you’re ready, pick them up.

Hire professional movers when moving to LA as an artist

Moving to LA as an artist is a tiresome process. Having professional movers can mean a world of difference, especially in a big, busy city like LA. There are things that you need to know before moving there. Firstly, don’t move on weekends and during peak hours. It would be best if you scheduled your move for the morning when there aren’t as many people circulating around the city. A good moving company knows those things. To make your move as easy and as fast as possible, call us to get a free estimate. That way you can get all of your questions answered without making any commitment. We’re happy to show you how resourceful, flexible, and reliable we are! We’re committed to excellence and fulfilling your wishes.