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Should you trust moving reviews when moving your valuables

Many people ask if they should trust moving reviews when moving your valuables. It is easy to read and rely on other people’s opinions. In that way, we would have great comments to rely on. However, if you are looking for a good company, you will not make a mistake with JB Movers Los Angeles. Not only do they have good reviews on social networks, but they also have numerous satisfied clients.

When it comes to the comments, could you not rely on them too much? Most of them are made after the job is ended, but not always. Sometimes, the company agrees with the clients to leave a useful review in exchange for a good discount. Weak companies delete bad reviews from their sites. So, you cannot always expect that comments will help you.

Where to find trust moving reviews when moving your valuables

For most people, places where they could find reviews, are significant. It is not the same if you read them on the external site and the company’s official site. So, you should find the right and reliable places where you surely can find trustworthy comments.

People with computer
There are people that leave poor reviews on sites every time

It should be easy to look for them on the internet nowadays, though.

  • Learn to research forums – you should know that the internet is full of bad reviews, but also haters so do not ask them for advice;
  • There are great videos on YouTube where experts and professionals share their knowledge and advice – you should rely on them and the company where they work;
  • Social networks – you should have learned on social networks nowadays, but sometimes they are not the place where you can find trust moving reviews when moving your valuables;
  • Specialized sites are not only the places where you can inform about the companies but also learn a lot about the job you have interested in – you can easily find the right piano movers Los Angeles there;
  • The look of the site is crucial – good companies invest in marketing and branding, so if they have a poor place, they are usually not interested in job performance.

Services on site

Many companies offer excellent services, but when specialized services are about, you should not rely on everybody. If a company provides a list of specialized services, it could mean that they are not professional. It is much better to hire a company for long-distance moving which skilled in that service, than on others who have many of them poorly performed.


Although it is not good to rely on strangers on the network, you should recognize haters or competition company. However, people usually leave honest comments on forums. They explain how their service was and why they are not or are satisfied. It is especially crucial if you look for special services.

Social networks

Weak companies delete adverse comments on social networks. However, there are a lot of real places where people leave reviews about companies. So, choose those where people explain precisely what happened and why they are not satisfied. Comments like “bad” or “poor” without explanation are not honest.

People at office
You should believe in reviews at social networks

Other places where you can find moving reviews when moving your valuables

For some people, sites are not the right places to look for comments. It is for sure that they will ask people that could talk with them alive. It is still not comfortable, though. If you have friends or colleges that have moved recently, half the job is done. However, if not, you should rely on strangers’ opinions.

Licenses and insurance

Good companies will not leave their job or client’s jobs to chance. You can be sure that they will organize moving your valuables professionally. Do not hesitate to ask which type of insurance they have and if their workers have proper licenses.

Which services they offer

Although it looks like a great option, companies with a long list of services are not that good. They cannot perform every of the service well. It is much better to find companies that are skilled in two or three options and have workers with experience.


It is tricky a little but could show how the company works. A company that does not have a free appointment for months could be wrong. The reason is a weak organization or lack of workers. Also, sometimes they make you feel like they have a lot of jobs. So, check how they work before relying on them.

People at office
Good companies read reviews and change their business in accordance with them

Communication matters

You should be satisfied as a client in every agency or company. If you feel that they do not respect you, in most cases, your gut is right. It would help if you did not cooperate with the company that makes you feel unpleasant or harmful. In most cases, their workers are not satisfied with the companies professionalism.

Look for the warning signs before you trust moving reviews when moving your valuables

You should be able to recognize the poor company without the client’s reviews. Most people do not use others’ opinions when hiring a company. However, they have learned good signs that could show you if a company is wrong or not. There are great small signs which you should know.


You should not pay to much for excellent service. A good company makes sure that clients are satisfied and try to adapt their prices to everybody. Too high rates usually show that companies do not have a lot of clients or advertise in the wrong way. In both cases, you should avoid them.

There are no complaints

Every company has not satisfied clients. For some companies, they are in the majority. In other cases, they have few, not happy clients that have not accepted conditions or prices. However, it is suspicious when a company does not have any bad reviews. It means that they delete bad reviews. Or, you could recognize when the client has written an effective performance review that sounds fake.

How they estimate the job

Poor workers do not estimate the job well. They usually make a rough price or how the situation will perform. It shows that they are not professional, so avoid them. So, you should make sure to trust the workers who are experts in their jobs and with the time you will learn whether or not to trust moving reviews when moving your valuables.