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Moving to San Francisco with zero stress

Relocation is a process all of us dread. Packing, transport, documents, kids, pets – with all of these stress is somehow inevitable. Hiring a professional moving company is a great idea, however, that’s not everything. It is easy to understand why moving causes a lot of stress, both for experienced and first-time movers. If you are moving to a big city like San Francisco, you may be nervous even more. New city, new neighborhood – you need to find a way to quickly adjust to everything and move on with your busy daily routines. That’s why relocation must be painless and easy. We prepared a simple guide on moving to San Francisco and avoiding all the stress while doing it.

moving to San Francisco
Is moving to San Francisco without stress possible? Of course it is!

You need to be prepared – what you need to know before moving to San Francisco

  • driving is optional – even if the traffic is the first thing you think of when someone mentions California, in San Francisco situation is a bit different. You don’t need a car, because you can use Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), your bike (the streets are very bike-friendly), Muni bus and metro system, cable cars, street cars – the options are many!
  • the weather is chilly – weather in San Francisco is generally the same throughout the year, which is both positive and negative at the same time. Temperatures go from 14 to 21 degrees during all months. However, fog and rain can occur frequently, so be ready to enjoy these days, too, like locals do. Even on a rainy they – there is something interesting to do in San Francisco.
  • San Francisco is a great place to live – moving to San Francisco is a great idea. The quality of life, education, jobs, costs – everything shows that SF has a lot to offer and is one of the best places to live in the country.
  • It’s a great place for foodies and wine lovers – climate and a fruitful area provide to the local people amazing food and wine. Fresh farm food, seafood, and elegant restaurant specialties are there for you all year long. Furthermore, some of the best wine regions (Sonoma and Napa County) are very close to enjoy a weekend getaway with the perfect glass of California wine.
  • homes are selling fast – if you are thinking of moving to San Francisco, you need to do it fast. Due to the fact that San Francisco is a popular city, homes sell quickly around here. So, if you like a house, you need to act as fast as you can.

moving to San Francisco
Read about things you need to know before moving to San Francisco

Moving to San Francisco? Here’s how to do it stress-free

You need to move, but you don’t know where and how to begin. Don’t worry. Even though relocation can be quite chaotic and stressful, there are ways to be systematic and reduce the stress.

Stick to the plan

Moving is a process. That’s why you need to do it step by step and have a precise plan. We suggest making a checklist of items that need to be done, with a timeline. There should be things that need to be done in advance (decluttering, getting estimates, ordering packing material, etc.), to things that you need to do just before the move (cleaning, packing the rest of the items, etc). This way you will stay organized and tick off the items of the list as you finish them.

Have a strict budget

To avoid surprise and stress after the move is finished, be sure to set a moving budget and stick to it as much as you can. Be sure to hire affordable movers Los Angeles and ask them about every detail of your move, so you can keep track of your costs.

Don’t make packing mistakes

If you plan on moving to San Francisco stress-free, you need to avoid common packing mistakes and unnecessary damage and costs. Pack smartly and efficiently and be sure to follow these tips:

  • use safe packing supplies – moving boxes, bags, and other supplies need to be in good condition to avoid damage and stressful situations. Be sure to get enough of moving boxes and tape, as well as bubble wrap or some other protective material.
  • don’t overpack the boxes – boxes that are very heavy are difficult to carry, risky and unstable. Read how to prepare for a day of heavy lifting.
  • put heavy items on the bottom of the boxes.
  • tape a lot – tape each box several times to avoid them being open suddenly and breaking your valuables.
  • label your moving boxes – write what’s inside each box so you can unpack easily and so your movers can unload the boxes in appropriate rooms (write that on the boxes as well).

Packing moving boxes for moving to San Francisco
If you do your packing right, you will be moving to San Francisko with zero stress

Hire reliable movers

Hiring a moving company you can trust is essential if you are planning on moving to San Francisco. If you are coming from another state, you probably don’t know the city very well, so you really need somebody you can rely on. Long distance movers Los Angeles are there to help you with all of the moving work and relocate your items quickly and safely. Having someone you can trust is a huge stress reliever!

Avoid moving scams

Because there are many of them. So, make sure you avoid moving scams. How? Look for the red flags. Hire only properly licensed, fully insured, Verified Movers.

Ask others for help

It is okay to ask for help. Ask your friends and family to help you out, or look after your kids or pets during the move. You can’t do everything by yourself and that is absolutely fine.

Feel good

Nothing can save you from stress if you are not feeling well. Even though relocation of your home is a big thing, don’t let it move you off your track. Be sure to have enough sleep and eat well during the moving period. If it’s possible, do a workout at the gym – it is a great stress reliever, too. Remember that some unexpected things happen, it is okay. Try to be flexible and don’t stress yourself out if everything is not as you imagined it. Your health is at the first place and you need to save it!