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Music-inspired home decoration ideas

Once you start decorating your home, you can get lost among so many themes and ways you can go. Modern, rustic, bright, neutral, minimalist, industrial, traditional – endless ways of expressing your style. Well, if you are an artistic soul, you may be interested in expressing your interest through home decoration. If you are a music lover, you will enjoy these music-inspired home decoration ideas and probably find a way to make your home a music zone!

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music-inspired home decoration
Music-inspired home decoration is a way to express your identity and interests

Living room ideas

  • guitar made into a shelf – yes, of course! If you have an old guitar you can play anymore, try making a bookshelf out of it. Remove the front side of the guitar, place shelves inside and hang it onto a wall. There you go, you will get a unique bookshelf for your living room. You can also use it for picture frames or small plants.
  • other music-inspired shelves – there are other ways to combine music and books. You can have a bookshelf hand made in the shape of a piano, music keys, notes, etc.
  • drums as a coffee table – you can make a great, interesting coffee table from drums. You just need a glass top (so you can see the drum through it) and there you have the perfect place to put on your favorite cup of coffee or tea.
  • music artwork – use music as inspiration for the artwork you put up onto your living room walls. You can find some interesting music-inspired prints, paintings or even wall stickers and have the perfect music-inspired home decoration.
  • pillowcases – try finding (or making yourself) interesting pillowcases as a perfect music-inspired home decoration. This way you will make your sofa more interesting and give a musical tone to your living room.
drums as music-inspired home decoration
Simple, old drum can be a perfect piece of music-inspired home decoration

Kitchen music-inspired home decoration

Kitchen is a place where you should find inspiration to create the most delicious meals. Well, apart from listening to music while cooking, you can also add some musical touches to your kitchen decor.

  • interesting tiles – if possible, try to find some music inspired tiles to put on.
  • however, if you are not renovating, you can easily change the look of your tiles by placing some music-inspired stickers on top of them, or on a kitchen wall.
  • cutting board can be interesting, too – there is a music-inspired cutting board, for example, a violin-shaped cutting board, that can make your kitchen a unique place.
  • kitchen details – small details in your kitchen like music coffee mugs or an elegant g-clef vase can truly bring music into your cooking area.


Even though you may think there is no way to bring music into your bathroom, think again. Some department stores sell all kinds of shower curtains, and it is fairly easy to find one printed with music symbols. There are also other bathroom items that can be a part of music-inspired home decoration – curtain hooks in the shape of a music note, ceramic bathroom set for soap and toothpaste, etc. So many details and of course – playing music in your shower for a complete experience!

guitar as music-inspired home decoration
Guitar shaped shelves, wall stickers and other pieces can improve your home a lot

Music-inspired home decoration – bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you should feel relaxed before going to sleep. That’s why it should include elements of things that you like – and that’s music. Your bedroom should represent who you really are and what are your interests. To make the atmosphere calm and romantic, you can get one of the music-inspired lamps to put on your bedside table. Furthermore, a great piece of music-inspired home decoration would be an interesting artwork above your bed. It could be a print of your favorite song’s music notes. If you are married, it could be your wedding dance song (a great romantic gift idea, too!).

Moving your musical instruments? Here’s what you should know

If you are a music lover, you probably have a valuable musical instrument in your home. Even though you love it a lot, it can cause you trouble when you decide to move. That’s why you should consider taking professional furniture delivery Los Angeles services. Relocation of your valuable items will be safe and quick, and most importantly – stress-free. Our professional team is ready for any type of relocation and furniture delivery, and they know the safest and fastest routes around Los Angeles. And since we know that moving can be quite costly, we offer our premium services at affordable prices.

Packing musical instruments

If you are planning to move your home, you need to know the right way of packing your musical instruments for relocation. It is something that needs to be done right, with paying extra attention to safety.

If possible, try to disassemble your instrument, or remove any parts that are detachable. This way you will avoid damage of the parts that are ‘sticking out’. Prepare a lot of protection (clothes, blankets, bubble wrap,etc) since most of the instruments, both wooden or brass, are sensitive to unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore, they need to be properly protected. After the move, you should store your instruments at room temperature, and let them settle at least 24 hours before using them.

Stay safe! If you have a bulky and heave instrument like a piano, never try to relocate it by yourself. Always hire professionals to take care of your beloved instrument. The reason for that is not only the safety of the piano but you and your health. Moving a piano by yourself can leave you hurt if you are doing it wrong. That’s why you should leave it to the professionals who know the best technique and use the safest equipment.