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Moving to San Jose CA – pros and cons

You have probably heard everything about Silicon Valley and its heart San Jose. It has become a synonym for luxurious lifestyle and high living standards. People are flocking to San Jose nowadays because of everything it offers. A huge job market especially for tech workers. If you are a tech worker living in Los Angeles, consider calling up movers Los Angeles to see what they can offer in terms of moving to San Jose. It is also not known only for its technological progress but also by being a very diverse location. A true melting pot. In this article, we will talk about everything that makes San Jose a good place to live, but we will also talk about the bad sides of moving to San Jose CA. Let’s dive in!

Moving to San Jose and wake up to this sight every day
San Jose offers great weather all year long!

The pros of moving to San Jose CA

The weather

You have probably guessed this one already. California is a great place to live when it comes to weather. Most of California is in the Mediterranean climate belt which means summer for more than 300 days a year. Very long and dry summers and mild winters make this place feel like a paradise. The average temperature during July is 21.1 degrees C, and once it was 43 degrees C, a record high during the last 30 years. The average temperature in January is around 10 degrees C, which makes it very mild with some rainfall. The lowest recorded temperature in the previous 30 years was -7 degrees C. The lowest recorded temperature in San Jose seems like an average winter temperature in other places! Mindblowing! This makes the location perfect for outdoor activities, gardening and enjoying the ocean.


We have already mentioned that San Jose is astonishingly diverse. This has brought life to the development of its cuisine. People flocking from all over the world have made their national mark on the cuisine of the Bay Area, making it perfect for people who like to have different dinner every day. Chinese? Yes! Indian? Of course! The Caribbean? We got you! All the food is 100% authentic and you are sure to have a good meal. Moving services Los Angeles love to point out this about San Jose when conducting their moves. They make sure that you are absolutely prepared for this relocation. Moreover, by knowing this, you may figure out what you can expect once you move there. They may even give out some information for people who want to move to San Francisco stress-free!

There are a lot of beaches around San Jose

A wide array of job opportunities

You have probably expected this. The area is known for its big job opportunity growth in the last few years, especially in technology. The search engine you used to find this article is situated in Silicon Valley! Other than Google, there is Adobe, Apple, Facebook, and all the other big names in the tech industry. This does not mean that there are only huge companies here. There are many start-up businesses that are just waiting for new qualified employees that will lead them to international success. San Jose is also known as the place with the highest happiness level at work. Certainly, something you should consider if you are moving to one of the top cities for businesses in California!

Good education

It is only logical that one of the best areas when it comes to job market growth is home to some of the best schools. The first one we will mention is San Jose State University. It is the oldest university on the West Coast, and certainly one of the best. Other than that there is the Evergreen Valley College, Silicon Valley University and much more. There are also four school districts, with some great elementary schools like Carolyn A. Clark, and James Franklin Smith elementary school. There are also some great high schools such as Saratoga High, and Los Gatos High school. This makes San Jose a great place to move as a family!

Low crime rate

Another great aspect of this city when it comes to family life is the low crime rate. There is very little chance that you will get robbed or attacked when you decide to stroll through the city at night. This is an astonishing number compared to other big cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Beautiful nature and lots of recreational activities

Many people come to San Jose on vacation. This is usually the time the seed of moving to San Jose CA gets planted in their brains. The nature surrounding the city is an amazing thing to see, and you are only a two-hour drive from San Francisco. A field trip to San Francisco is something you simply have to experience! If you want to take a dip in the ocean, you can visit Santa Cruz or Pebble Beach. If you are more of a “grasslands and camping” type, make sure to visit the Napa Wine Region. In addition to the great outdoors, you will also taste some of the best wine in the region!

mountainous region
Many hiking trails are just inviting you to take them!

Cons of moving to San Jose CA

Ridiculously expensive costs of living

A good economy comes with some setbacks. One such setback is the cost of living. It is extremely high in this region with the average rent price sitting at $2,730 according to RentCafe. The average house price is $1,054,500 which makes it one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, if you manage to land a good job and that is almost certain, this will not be a problem.


This is an issue that plagues almost every big city on the planet. This is a big problem in San Jose because many people live in the suburbs and have to commute downtown for work. However, San Jose being a big city also has many driving routes you can use to bypass the rush hour traffic. Check the map and try as many routes as you can to be as time efficient as possible.

Too many buildings

You may notice this when arriving at the edges of downtown San Jose. Many different types of houses are present here with their unique vibe but in between them, there are also some out-of-place buildings that may not be appealing to some people.