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How to make your home more kid-friendly

While it would be great if we did not need to think on this topic, the fact is that our kids get in trouble. Even in the safety of their homes, no less! Well, to be honest, it might not always be their fault. Kids tend to be carefree in nature and easily distracted. There may be few “hazards” around the home, that they can easily interact with. So, how to make your home more kid-friendly, you might ask?

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Apart from that, here is a list of things that can help in preparing your home for kid’s safety.

How to make your home more kid-friendly – The list

We will further explain the reasons for each item on the list, but for now, it is a nice overview :

  • Use rounded furniture
  •  Carpet tiles instead of carpets
  • Safe toy storage
  • Create play areas
  • Have coat hooks
  • Use sofas without detachable cushions
How to make your home more kid-friendly? Easy, cut corners!
Make sure that your child does not have any corners to bump into!

Use rounded furniture

Corners are dangerous for kids. They run around, left and right, without a care if the world and sometimes they bump into stuff. Well, it should not be a corner they bump into, because that can cause injuries, even serious ones. The best thing to do is cut down on the number of corners in your home, as much as you can. Obviously, you can not remove every single corner, and that is fine. You just need to remove the high-risk ones, such as ones on furniture.

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Remember, no corners on anything, if possible!

Carpet tiles instead of carpets

This one is simple enough. Most of us love carpets and use a few in our homes. Well, people who have kids and carpets find out really fast that they do not really get along all that well. Therefore, instead of one big carpet, have several smaller carpet tiles.

They are easier to clean and cheaper to send to the dry cleaner. Enough said.

How to make your home more kid-friendly: Make a safe toy storage

A lot of kids injuries at home are toy-produced ones. While it is impossible to prevent every single kind of toy-inflicted injury, you can cut down on the most frequent causes. Stepping on toys and bumping into them. Before that, make sure that all of your kids’ toys are following toy safety standards.

What you want to do is create toy storage that is safe for your kid. It has to be closed, first and foremost, and it needs to be easy to access. Accessibility is more important than you think. Kids are usually lazy and easily distracted, another fact. Packing all of their toys into storage will not be that appealing to them. That is why the process has to be as easy as possible.

Old storage closet with a teddy bear in it
Safe and closed toy storage will prevent many mishaps!

Create play areas

Your children want to spend time with you and that mean that they will be following you through the house and taking over your space, which might not be kid-proof at all times. The solution here is to have several play/work areas for your kid. Make it their personal space which is close to “your space”. A great example would be if you have a piano. You do not really want your kid to be jumping around on it while you are trying to play, would you? Having space where your kid can be near and still be a part of the experience, somehow, is invaluable.

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Have coat hooks

Sounds simple enough, right? Yet many of us forget to obtain them for our homes. Children absolutely love coat hooks and while they might look dangerous, they are anything but. You see, the trick to them is to place them at a height where your kids can easily reach them. They will be stowing their clothes eagerly, as they consider it a small minigame of its own. Try them out and you will see!

How to make your home more kid-friendly: Use sofas without detachable cushions

And the last tip for today is to never have any piece of furniture, especially sofas, that has a detachable cushion! Kids just love pillow fights, and cushion fights are sometimes an improvement! Therefore, you do not really want to give them “weapons”. Every single cushion is a potential means of you getting hit. If you think of it that way, you might end up without any cushions in the house.

The trick is to only have “acceptable” cushions which are either hard to reach, really difficult to just pick up or the ones that are really fluffy so you want to be hit by them.

Teddy bear and a cushion on a sofa
Detachable cushions can become your enemy!

In Conclusion…

Of course, these little tips and tricks are not everything that you can do in order to make your home more kid-friendly, but they are definitely a good start! What you want to do is never stop learning, always grow, and your kids will be as safe as they possibly can be. Still, the best thing you can do for your kids is to provide them with a “perfect home”.

That place is not really easy to find, that is why we are moving so much in our lives. What you want to do is do some research on where would you like to live, and how would that be possible. For example, let us say that you wanted to move to LA. First thing you need to look at is the top job opportunities in LA.

And there you have it, some tips on how to make your home more kid-friendly and some general moving advice, all in one simple to read article! We hope you have enjoyed your read and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!