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Places to visit if you are new to West Los Angeles

It’s never easy to move to a new place. There are just so many things that you need to think about. From the smallest details, you will have to take care of a lot of things from start to finish. However, we at the JB Movers Los Angeles have a great hack on how to help you relocate to West Los Angeles and feel like a person that’s been there for years already. Here are just some of the places to visit if you are new to West Los Angeles and want to know more about it.

If you are new to West Los Angeles you need to go to the Getty Center

Getty Center is a huge place just out of Los Angeles. The architecture and art in this place are out of this world. Above all, it’s one of the most visited places in the West Los Angeles area and beyond. It’s definitely one of the first things that our clients visit after the hiring of a moving company in Los Angeles and getting their relocation done. It’s a huge area so you will have a lot of time to return and check out more. However, it’s definitely a place to visit if you are new to the area.

A person walking in the Getty Center
Visit the Getty Center if you are new to West Los Angeles

Venice Broadwalk

If you want to get to know the area in the shortest amount of time possible make sure to pay Venice Broad Walk a visit. There are some amazing things you can do and see and as a newcomer, it will really give you a good idea of what to expect here. After our movers West Los Angeles finish a hard task, they like to unwind right here. From amazing art and street performers to places of recreation and bars, there’s always something fun to do here. Don’t miss out on the Venice Broadwalk.

Santa Monica Pier

One of the most iconic places in the whole Los Angeles area needs to be the Santa Monica Pier. It attracts so many people to it and is always beautiful and fun to see it full of people. On top of that, it’s now an amusement park and offers so much entertainment. However, it is a big part of the history of the City of Los Angeles and beyond. If you’re new to west Los Angeles don’t miss this great opportunity to get to know Santa Monica Pier better. 

Santa Monica Pier as a great choice if you are new to West Los Angeles
Don’t forget to visit one of the most beautiful places in LA and beyond

Pay a visit to the Hammer Museum if you are new to West Los Angeles

For all the art and culture lovers, the Hammer Museum is the place to go. There are always some amazing pieces of art exhibition there. On top of that, it’s an affiliate of the University of California which means there are always young artists present there with their work. After you finish with our moving services Los Angeles make sure to pay this amazing museum a visit. It will definitely introduce you to the culture of West Hollywood.

When moving you want to make sure that you get to know the place quickly. But what do you do if you are new to West Los Angeles? Thankfully, with our list of things to do it won’t be as harsh and problematic for you. And above all, the Los Angeles area is always very welcoming. You can be sure that with the right approach you will feel in West Los Angeles like a local. Furthermore, make sure to enjoy your new location as it really has a lot more to offer.