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Post-move checklist for first-time movers

You arrived to your new home – you are happy but confused. What now? What to do first? You thought that the moving process is finished with your moving boxes being delivered to your door. However, there are some more things you need to do after you move into your new home. If you are a first-time mover, you probably don’t know what are those. We are here to help you – here is the post-move checklist for first-time movers to make the adjusting period easier and quicker.

What’s the easiest way to move?

Not sure how to move easily? Reliable moving services Los Angeles are the perfect option for you. You will move easily and stress-free, with professional movers packing and transporting your items to your new home. Then you will be rested and ready to unpack and adjust to your new home.

coffee and a notebook
Once you arrived to your new home, make yourself a cup of coffee and start reading our post-move checklist for first-time movers

Things you need to do once you move in

There are some things that can wait for you to take a rest after the move. However, there are some things you need to do once you arrive to your new home and your items are delivered by a moving company. Be sure to check everything from this list, because for some of these a couple of days later can be too late.

Check if your utilities are turned on and working properly

It is very important to check all the utilities. Since you start your new life there from the very first day, you need your utilities working properly. Be sure to check:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet/phone
  • Cable
power socket - check your utilities as the first step in the post-move checklist
Check your utilities as the first step in the post-move checklist

Check the delivered items – the most important step on your post-move checklist

This very important to do as soon as you arrive. If your items are delivered by a moving company, it is crucial to check the condition of your items after the transport. Also, be sure to count the boxes to know if everything arrived. If anything is damaged or lost, you need to report it. It is handy to have an inventory list, so you know exactly how many items you trusted the moving company with.

Check your apartment

When you arrive at your new home, be sure to inspect it for any possible damage, marks or problems. If those were there before you moved in, report those to the apartment management, so you have no trouble when you decide to move out.

Unpack the items you need first

Start the unpacking process by opening the most important boxes. These include boxes with your bedding, toiletries, children’s favorite toys, clothes for the next few days, and basic kitchen necessities.

Things you need to do in the first week/during the first month

Well, these items on your post-move checklist are important but can be done during the first week after your move.

Clean your home

Check if your new home is clean enough for you to start unpacking your moving boxes. If it’s not, you can clean it first before you unpack.

Move your furniture

Be sure to rearrange your furniture, especially big and bulky pieces. This way you will be able to move freely around your home. You can always move them later to the perfect spot when you finish unpacking.

Check the apartment’s security

Security should be one of the top items on your post-move checklist. After you move in, be sure to change the locks first. Also, if there is an alarm system, set up the new passwords/codes. If there is no home security system, maybe it is a good idea to install one.

Help your kids start school

If you have kids, you have probably arranged their school documents in advance, you need to help them with their transition. Be sure to visit the school together and check if there are some other requirements.

Change your address

Be sure to file address change as soon as possible. You need to start receiving your mail and bills to your new home right after you moved in.

Check your route to work

Before your first working day, make sure to find the best route to your office. It is important to do this, so you can spend less time commuting.

Find a new doctor

This is very important to do in the first days in your new home. Especially if you have kids. Furthermore, if you are moving with a pet, you need to find a new veterinarian, too.

dog in a box
Finding a new doctor and a vet is one of the important items on the post-move checklist

Meet your neighborhood

When you finish the unpacking, it is the time for you meet your surroundings. Go around the neighborhood and see where are the local shops, supermarkets, restaurants – everything you need. Also, try meeting your neighbors, too. They are an essential part of your life in a neighborhood.

Register your car

If you are traveling to another state, you may need to register your vehicle. Maybe it is necessary to get a new driver’s license, too. Therefore, be sure to research this in advance, so you can do it as soon as you move and can start driving your car right away.

Decided to move?

If you are ready to move, it is important to plan and organize the process so you can adjust to your new home easily. If you are moving to another state, you may wonder how to deal with that challenge. However, that shouldn’t scare you. Our long distance movers Los Angeles are a professional team, specialized for long-distance moves. They will handle your items with precision and care, and transport them safely to your new home.

Last item on your post-move checklist -have a house-warming party

Last but not the least item on your post-move checklist. Finally, after all the unpacking and overwhelming tasks, it is time to relax. Try organizing a house-warming party for your friends, family, and co-workers. Also, don’t forget to invite your new neighbors – a great way to meet them.