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Most Renowned Music Bars in LA

Los Angeles is the world’s entertainment capital. For sure. Entertainment-wise, LA’s offer is hard to beat and also hard to refuse. The city has some of the nation’s largest arenas, theatres, and music venues. But, what if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere? And, what if you like to enjoy live music while sipping a nice cocktail? Then, this article is for you. We present to you the most renowned music bars in LA. 

Los Angeles is a city that has it all

  • Ample job opportunity in various fields
  • The best colleges in California (and the whole nation)
  • Endless entertainment options, including the most renowned music bars in LA
  • Cultural diversity
  • Warm weather year-round
Three martini glasses with different colored drinks and a dark background
If your idea of a fun night out is listening to live music while having a delicious cocktail, not beer from a can, go to one of these renowned LA music bars.

As you can see, it is hard not to start looking for the most reputable movers Los Angeles has and move here permanently. 

These are some of the most renowned music bars in LA you should visit

El Cid

The famous Flamenco shows and Sunday brunches are what makes this Silver Lake landmark popular among Angelinos. Here, true music lovers can enjoy various types of music. For example, Monday nights are open mike nights, while on Tuesdays you can listen to jazz. From time to time, the bar offers burlesque performances. Local rock bands are also part of El Cid’s regular offer.

Harvard & Stone

This whiskey bar has a vintage, WWII-era vibe. If you like American made spirits served by friendly bartenders, you won’t be disappointed. Classic cocktails are served in the front, while you can taste new concoctions at the “R&D Bar” in the back. With two stories and multiple lounge areas, the bar is quite spacious. Although there is a lot of seating and standing room, the stage area tends to get crowded when there is live music. At Harvard & Stone, you can hear different music genres, such as country, folk, blues, rock, rockabilly, and indie. Local bands and DJs entertain the guests every week. Moreover, there is a burlesque show backed by a live band on a regular basis.

Casey’s Irish Pub

Casey’s has been an Irish pub since the late 1960s. Before that, it was a Turkish bathhouse which opened in 1916. Casey’s wouldn’t be an Irish pub without traditional Irish food, whiskey, and beer. In addition to food and music, you can play darts or billiards with your friends. Let your hair down every weekend and enjoy electrifying live rock, indie, or folk performances. And all that accompanied by delicious food, such as mini pot pies, wings, fries, and even French Dips.

Villains Tavern

Villains Tavern in the Arts District offers excellent food and drinks. You will love their specialty, limited release cocktails offerings. Treat yourself to a refreshing drink in old-timey glassware and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, listening to the bluesy and hillbilly-esque acts. Even those who are not into the whole vintage feel say Villains Tavern is worth visiting.

The Redwood

If loud, gritty garage rock, punk, or indie music is your choice, this is the bar for you. And their food is not so shabby either. Whether you prefer juicy burgers and savory chowder or crispy beer-battered fish and chips, your palate will be pleased. And the decor is quite unique. The Redwood is LA’s only pirate-themed bar. This means you’ll see a bar decorated with a skull and crossbones when you order your whiskey during happy hour.

A burger and potatoes on a plate
There is no better combination than good music and a good meal.

Sassafras Saloon

This is another vintage place on our list of most renowned music bars in LA you should check out. An Old West saloon in the middle of Hollywood. Interesting, right? The owners of Thirsty Crow, Highland Park Bowl, Bigfoot (West & East) La Cuevita, Oldfield’s and Harlow stand behind Sassafras, too. Great craft cocktails, polite staff, amazing performances, and vintage decor make Sassafras unforgettable. With live jazz, blues and an occasional DJ, the bar guarantees a fun night out.


Jazz singer Joon Lee opened this renowned live jazz club, art gallery, and bar in 2009. It is located in Little Tokyo. Space is divided into two main areas – the performance area and bar area. Bluewhale’s bar area has a wide selection of whiskey, scotch, and bourbon, classic and modern cocktails, craft beer, as well as food. The performance area has seats that come in the form of large cubes. Both young and established musicians perform at Bluewhale, and if you want to be one of them, pack your musical instruments for relocation and come to LA.

Cody’s Viva Cantina

This Burbank Country-Western bar regularly offers the live country, rockabilly, big band, jazz, bluegrass, punk and garage rock acts. Most importantly, a lot of these performances are free. When it comes to food, you can savor Mexican specialties, with a lot of chile-infused offerings on their menu. Moreover, there are great margaritas and free parking for cars as well as horses.

The Three Clubs

The last one on our list of most renowned music bars in LA is The Three Clubs bar. This red and black Hollywood bar has a mysterious, dark and sultry feel. Guests can enjoy craft cocktails and cool performances every night of the week. The stage in the back comes alive with music, comedy, burlesque and theatrical performances. If you saw the 1996 comedy-drama Swingers, this renowned LA bar might be familiar to you.

An audience listening to music in one of the most renowned music bars in LA and a band playing in the background
Visit the most renowned music bars in LA to unwind after a long day of work.

In case you are interested in a career in music, you should definitely move to Los Angeles. Don’t you want to be close to the most renowned music bars in LA? That’s how many successful musicians started. Contact the best moving companies in LA and schedule your move. Or, if you already live in LA and wonder where to spend the next Saturday night, we hope you consider our suggestions.