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Simple in-house storage solutions

No matter how big our home is, we always seem to lack space. Luckily, you don’t need a ton of money to find a place to store all of your belongings. What you do need is creativity. And if your home is truly small or too many people live in it, you will have to be even more creative and really make an effort to solve this problem. That is something we want to help you with. So, check out our simple in-house storage solutions and get to work!

A room full of stacked bags and suitcases
Limited on space? Try these simple in-house storage solutions.

Simple in-house storage solutions – general rules

  • Use containers. Containers of different shapes and sizes will help you stay organized and keep similar items in one place. Companies that provide moving services Los Angeles often recommend using plastic containers instead of cardboard ones, especially for transporting and storing delicate items.
  • Speaking of containers, square containers maximize space. Using square containers is much better than opting for round ones. The reason is pretty obvious – they fit in better and leave no unused space. With round containers placed next to each other, you’ll always have a few inches of wasted space between them.
  • Use your walls. Walls have a lot of storage potential. If you have an empty wall, install cabinets, hangers, or open shelves (one of the most popular household improvement trends in California) and you get extra storage space.
  • Identify and measure your storage space before adopting any of these simple in-house storage solutions.
Plastic containers full of toys - simple in-home storage solutions
Plastic containers are ideal for storing all sorts of items since they are strong, durable and washable.

Easy in-house storage solutions for cluttered homes

Useful furniture

  • A bed has a lot of storage potential, too. And by that, we don’t mean shoving boxes underneath. You want your bedroom to look decent in addition to being functional. So, purchase a storage bed – a bed with spacious drawers that put the space between the mattress and the floor to good use.
  • A storage ottoman is one of those multi-purpose pieces of furniture that can find their place in every home. You can use it as a chair, a place to rest your feet, or even a coffee table. Choose the upholstery that fits the color scheme of your room and there you have it – additional storage space you can use for books, blankets, pillows, etc.
  • Getting a storage chest is another great in-house storage solution. You can put it in any room. It can act as a table or a bench while providing the much-needed storage space. It is a good idea to have one of these in the kids’ room, as they can use it to put all of their toys. This is an item you can find in many furniture stores, thrift shops or even make yourself.
Jars, plates, bottles and other containers placed on long wooden shelves - simple in-house storage solutions
Well-placed shelves and multi-functional furniture can do wonders for homes that lack storage space.

Drawer dividers

If you, like many of us, have drawers full of miscellaneous items and it often takes ages to find what you are looking for, make drawer dividers using wood or cardboard. You can divide any other container in the same way.

Pretend drawers

If you can’t have real drawers where you need them, prepare plastic bins and put them on shelves or inside your cabinets. This way, you can easily see and reach the items in the back if the cabinet without having to take everything out.

Bathtub shelf

This is one of the simplest in-house storage solutions and a very effective one, too. Just put a tray or a board on top of your bath tub and place your personal hygiene products on it. The only tricky part is getting the right length. It has to fit perfectly across the tub.

Glass jars

This cheap and simple in-house storage solution may not work in the living room, but it is great for the basement, craft room, garage, even the kitchen. First, collect as many glass jars as you need and take off the lids. Then, superglue or nail the lids to the underside of a surface, such as a cupboard, shelf or table. Twist the jars into place and voila! Use these jars to store spices, paper clips, nails, screws, bolts, etc.


Use a pegboard (preferably with ¼-inch holes) to hang items like sports equipment or tools. These holes can accommodate hooks of different sizes which you can use for hanging your belongings. Just make sure the hooks can support the weight of those items, especially the skinnier ones.

A light bulb and a black board in the background
Use your imagination to come up with new, unexpected places to store your household items.

If all else fails, rent a storage unit

Try as you might, sometimes, simple in-house storage solutions that work can’t be found, especially for larger items. When there is not enough space, some items have to be sacrificed. If you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to those items forever, or you’re hoping for a brighter future in which you’ll have a larger house, rent a long-term storage unit that fits all your excess belongings.

Make sure the unit is secure and clean before making a long-term commitment. In case you are storing sensitive items, you will need a climate-controlled unit. And most items you own probably fall into this category. It includes artwork, paper, electronics, wooden and leather furniture, music instruments, etc. These items are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, which can make them useless if stored in unfavorable conditions over a longer period. So, hire a team of residential movers Los Angeles is served by to pack your belongings and take them to the storage unit. This is such an easy way to declutter your house and still have access to your belongings whenever you need them.