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Common moving mistakes and avoiding them

While you plan your relocation, it’s important to consult anyone and everyone for help. There are many common moving mistakes everyone makes; but avoiding them is easy, with the right advice. So, if you make a sound plan using all the right information, this won’t be hard for you at all. With that in mind, before you start fully preparing for your relocation, read the guide below. With our advice, you should have no trouble moving with zero stress; so take a look!

Disregarding the need for a moving quote

Trust us, one of the most common moving mistakes we’ve seen is basically this: rushing into anything without thinking things through. Especially when you’re hiring a moving company; because what you’re basically doing is getting into business with someone. And you’d be surprised how many people underestimate this, and don’t even get a moving quote.

Bear in mind, because getting a moving quote has multiple purposes. First of all, it gives you an approximate example of how much you’ll end up paying for the movers’ services. Best of all, these days you can get a free moving quote on almost any moving company’s website. This is one of the telltale signs of a trustworthy moving company. Speaking of which, another purpose of the moving quote is comparing the offers of different companies. Don’t make the mistake of going for the first quote you receive; have the patience to scout out a few companies, and go for the best possible offer.

Going with a bad moving company

While we’re on the subject of rushing into things; it’s also really important to hire the right moving company. And in this selection, you need to be extremely careful. We realize that everyone is looking for a bargain and things like the most affordable movers Los Angeles has. But if you fall for an unrealistic offer – you may be heading into a moving scam. This is actually one of the most common moving mistakes, but it’s definitely one you want to avoid. So, plan your relocation on time, and don’t let fraudulent movers take advantage of you.

Not thinking about moving insurance

Seeing as every household is different in its own way; each relocation is a different situation as well. However, there are some common threads that link them all together; especially when it comes to common moving mistakes. For example – you definitely want to make sure that, after packing your essentials, they will be handled the right way in transit. Bearing this in mind – in the case of something breaking or sustaining damage, you’ll need to look for some financial safety. And you can attain this in the form of moving insurance.

Of course, not every moving insurance policy is identical either; which means you’ll have to do some research beforehand. For example, you might find some companies offering insurance with full coverage. In most cases, your insurance will vary according to the shipment.

A checklist with check marks and empty lines.
Dealing with moving insurance should be at the very top of your moving checklist.

Not planning the relocation on time

In many moving situations, people may find themselves holding off planning the relocation. When you know about the move far enough in advance, it’s easy to think there will be enough time; so putting it off is your natural instinct. However, it’s also one of the common moving mistakes to avoid.

Once you know that relocation will begin soon, you should work on a to-do list right away. This is something that will help you a lot; without a good plan, moving can be overwhelming, and mistakes can happen. So, make a realistic timeline, and start working on moving tasks right away.

A clock, symbolizing punctuality.
Planning everything out on time is crucial for a good relocation!

Not making an inventory

If we’re talking about the most common moving mistakes, not working on your household inventory has to be on that list. First of all, once you decide to look for a moving company – you’ll need to have a rough estimate of your household. During your first contact with the movers, you’ll want to know what kind of shipment they’ll be dealing with. If you don’t do this, you risk the movers miscalculating your shipment; which means you may end up paying more than you have to.

Going with the very first moving company

As we’ve mentioned before, picking the best possible moving company is important. But when you have to move at the last minute, you may be in a hurry to hire last minute movers Los Angeles. And while this is all well and good – you still don’t want to go with the very first offer. Instead, make sure to find the time, and ask around multiple moving companies. Some of them are bound to have a better offer than the others.

Doing things quickly is one of the common moving mistakes

Pedestrians moving around in a rush on the street, symbolizing common moving mistakes.
If you’re in a rush, common moving mistakes may occur more easily!

As you’ve probably gathered by now, sometimes you really do need to plan a relocation quickly. And when you’re in a rush, all of the moving mistakes we’ve listed above can happen more easily. We’re mentioning this especially because this is precisely the time when you need to pay more attention than you usually would. If not, you risk burning through your moving budget with common moving mistakes or forgetting something important.

That’s why you shouldn’t relocate alone; if you ask us, hiring movers is definitely a must, especially if you’re in a hurry. And regardless of that, get some friends and family to help you out. If you’re not thinking of everything on your own, the chances of making a costly mistake are significantly lower.