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The cheapest time of year for your family relocation

Whenever you’re moving it takes a lot of work and dedication, but on top of that, it can cost considerably. If you’re on a budget you want to reduce the cost as much as you can. But how do you make your move more affordable? One of the ways, we at JB Movers Los Angeles can recommend, is to be aware of the date and time you’re moving. For that reason, here is the cheapest time of year for your family relocation.

How every season affects the price of your move?

You should always time your move according to your needs and budget. Obviously, there are factors that might limit your options when it comes to choosing the season for your move. Firstly, it’s important to choose professionals like movers Glendale for the job, as they can guarantee you the best value for the price of the move. Now let’s take a look at the seasons and all the circumstances that can help or hinder your relocation in any particular period of the year.

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The period of the year in which you move can influence how much money you need to spend.

The cheapest time of year for your family relocation – Spring

If you’re moving before May you will have a lot of moving companies ready to help you. Furthermore, the months from March to May can be a great time to call up the movers as companies will be more available and cheaper than in general. The only problem with moving in the spring, and for example the Beverly Hills moving company hears about this frequently, is that if you have school-age children they are in the most important period of the year.

What to expect from a move during summertime?

Summer is the best season to move if you think about kids and the weather. The children won’t have any schoolwork and the weather will be warm. Another plus for moving during summer is that the day is long as there is more sunlight. Unfortunately, the majority of residential movers will have a lot of work during this period of the year. This means they won’t have space to put you in the schedule and the prices will be high.


The time period between September and November can be an excellent time to relocate. Firstly, the weather will be mild as you’ll skip the heat of the summer and the freezing cold of the winter. You’ll have just enough time to get used to your new home before the holidays. On the other hand, a move during the fall is probably the worst for families with children. The school year just started, so putting the stress of potentially changing schools on your children just after the school year started can be a lot for them.

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Fall is the start of the off-season for movers so you can get some movers cheaper than usual.

Winter as, maybe, the cheapest time of year for your family relocation

The winter isn’t really a season in which many people move, so you’ll be able to schedule a moving company easier. As winter is a period where there aren’t many relocations, your move can actually cost less. The negative side of moving during winter is the harsh weather. Snow and ice can make the job difficult even for professionals. That’s why a DIY type of move shouldn’t be attempted between December and February.

After everything we’ve written the cheapest time of year for your family relocation is between September and April. The reason for the low price is the less amount of work the movers have in that period. However, there are many negative things when you move in that window. Firstly, you’ll need to check the weather forecast daily as weather conditions can be harsh. Another problem is that your kids might need to change schools just after the start of the year because of the move. In the end, you can always choose the period of the year that suits you the most.