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Time to redecorate? – the list of professionals you need to contact

There comes a time when we simply want to make a few changes around our home. Whether big or small, if it is time to redecorate, we are going to guide you through the entire process. In this article, we are going to list several home improvement ideas and ways in which you can redecorate efficiently and stress-free. If you are planning on moving soon and then after the move complete decoration, make sure you hire professional movers Los Angeles to help you out.

Time to redecorate – list of steps you need to take

Set a budget and calculate the costs

Redecoration should be fun and enjoyable. You are doing it in order to improve the overall looks of your home. However, it is not free. So, you need to set a budget for your redecoration. Moreover, you also have to make sure you accurately calculate the costs of your redecoration. This way you can see if the costs fit your budget. It is always a good idea to leave some extra cash in case of an emergency as well. You do not want to skip this step as you are likely to spend more than you originally wanted to. 

Setting a budget for the redecoration.
If it is time to redecorate, then it is also time to set a budget and calculate the costs of this process.

Set a good date

Changing things around your home is going to take some time. When you decide it is time to redecorate, you should also set an accurate date for it as well. Avoid holidays and workdays. Additionally, if you have just moved, there may be certain household repairs after the move that you need to complete. So, try not to redecorate at the same time. Once you find a good date for your redecoration, stick to it. This is the best way to avoid rescheduling or overcrowding your schedule.

Decide what stays and what goes

An important but often difficult decision is to decide what will remain in your home and what needs to go. Some items which are broken, rarely used, and very old, maybe the first on your decluttering list. If they are still in good shape, do not simply throw these items or pieces of furniture away. You can help others by donating. So, contact your local charity organization after you have decluttered your items. The best way is to create a list of things that are definitely going out of your home. The rest of your inventory remains. Of course, later on, you will decide whether the items that you kept are going to be in the exact same places.

Create a list of new items you want to acquire

When it comes to redecorations, we do not only mean painting walls and getting rid of the old stuff. There are going to be various new items that you want to get. Be careful though. Remember to use your budget and address all of the costs that come with redecoration. This also includes the purchase of new furniture for example. Evaluate your needs and lifestyle and the way in which you envision your new home. This is the best way to decide which items you need to get for your redecoration.

Browse online shops when it is time to redecorate.
Before you browse shops for new items, make sure you evaluate your needs and fit every new item in your budget for redecoration.

Protect your items during redecoration

The last thing you need is for your items to get damaged during this process. To make sure you avoid this, you have to take a few steps in order to protect them. First of all, think about which room you plan to redecorate. If it is your entire home, then you may need to store some of your items away until everything is finished. If you have a large and expensive item in your inventory such as a piano, this is where you may run into some problems. That is why you need to always hire professional piano movers Los Angeles to help you out.

Where to start redecorating

Focus on big items first when you decorate

Now that you have made your budget, protected your inventory, and decided on what to buy, it is time to start decorating. After you are done painting the walls, move on to larger items. These are going to be larger pieces of furniture. It is the easiest place to start and it will give you an overall idea of where smaller items may go later on.

Move on to the mediums

After you are done with the walls, flooring, and big pieces of furniture, it is time to move to the medium-sized items in your new inventory. An area rug and window coverings are part of these items. Take your time and do not rush this process. You are doing this to not only make your home look better but also to feel better yourself. So, all of the tension should be left behind.

Leave smaller items and details for last

Decorative accessories should be saved until the end of the process. This way you can truly enjoy your redecoration. Again, take your time and find the best possible places for these smaller items in your inventory. They are going to make the entire picture look a lot better, livelier, and overall complete. With the furniture in place, you’ll also have easy access to key dimensions, like the clearance between shelves.

Books on a shelf.
Leave the small details for last when redecorating.

Hire professional movers

If you decide to move, before or after your redecoration, you have to have a reliable mover by your side. They can provide you with numerous moving services in Los Angeles at affordable prices. You will have an easier time making other plans and arrangements, such as redecoration of your home, while your professional movers are taking care of the other moving-related tasks. In summary, if you think it is the right time to redecorate, make a good plan, set a budget and a date for this process, and do not forget to hire professional West Hollywood movers when relocating.