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The risks of hiring uncertified moving companies

It is true that the moving process can cause a lot. Therefore, most of the people do their best to save some money while moving. However, many do it in the wrong way. Instead of finding practical ways to save some cash while moving, they choose a moving company that offers the lowest moving estimate. In most of the cases, the moving companies that try to attract their clients by offering them the cheapest moving services are usually offering the poorest or no services at all. That’s why you need to be aware of the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies. This way you will be careful when trusting somebody your valuables and avoid the risk of them being stolen, broken, or lost.

risk of hiring uncertified moving companies
What are the dangers of hiring uncertified moving companies?

Why do you need reliable movers?

Be sure to hire somebody you can trust. A reputable moving company Los Angeles can relocate your items without you worrying about them. If we put all the factors aside (money, damage, etc) – you being healthy and stress-free after the move is the most important thing.

What are the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies?

The moving business has grown a lot. So many people change their address each year and therefore many moving companies appeared. Even though most of them are ready to provide you with honest promises and good-quality services, there is a certain number of fraudulent, uncertified movers who will just waste your money and time. Here are the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies that you should be aware of.

The financial issue

The money issue always comes up somehow. Well, if you hire best moving companies in Los Angeles, that shouldn’t be a problem. The moving estimate that you get from a company should be clear and easy to understand. It should clearly state what are the services you hired the company for, and how much you need to pay. One of the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies is the appearance of ‘mysterious’ extra costs, fees you were not aware of, and sudden changes in the payment.

calculating the costs when hiring uncertified moving companies
No matter how carefully you calculate, hiring uncertified moving companies can lead to surprise costs

Be careful with the contract

Be sure to read the contract or any other documents carefully, before you sign anything. Any vague and incomplete documents are a sign of a potentially fraudulent moving company. Be sure to check what are the services included in the price written on the contract/ estimate. If you need some additional services that are not on the list – be sure to ask how much they cost.

Another risk of hiring uncertified moving companies – damage or loss of your items

Even if you think that hiring uncertified moving companies is a great idea, because they are generally cheaper, think twice. These companies are probably inexperienced and don’t have the right skill and knowledge when it comes to handling your items. This way you can end up with some of your items (or all of them) being damaged or lost. Some damage can be refunded – if the company’s movers packed the items. If you pack your boxes by yourself, you will probably end up with more money to pay.

Our advice is not only you should hire a trustworthy company, but you should let them do the packing, too. This way you will minimize the risks of damaging your items. Furthermore, if you have any specialty items or very expensive valuables, be sure to require special packing and transport services from your moving company.

fragile items box
When hiring uncertified moving companies, your fragile and valuable items are in danger

Serious incidents could happen

Dangers of hiring uncertified moving companies can be even more serious than a couple of broken or lost items. Some of the serious incidents could involve taking a family’s possessions and asking for ransom, theft of the items, and other horror stories. A simple relocation could turn into a nightmare that could cost you a lot more than hiring a reputable moving company Los Angeles.

Who is a licenced mover?

In order to stay away from hiring uncertified moving companies, you need to know what is necessary for a company to get a license. A moving company must:

  • obtain a US DOT number – you can easily check a company’s US DOT number by checking U.S. Department of Transportation website.
  • apply for the FMCSA registration
  • display the license number on their transportation vehicles – if the vehicles of a moving company are in a bad condition and don’t have the company’s name and license number on them – stay away.
  • have cargo liability insurance, property damage and bodily injury insurance

If you want to avoid hiring uncertified moving companies, be sure to…

  • check the moving company’s license
  • check the online reviews and comments – however, be careful with those. Some of them may be fake. Ask the people you know, too!
  • move very expensive and valuable items by yourself
  • get a clear moving estimate and other documents in print and save them until the moving process is completely finished

Choose a company you can rely on

The most important part of a moving process is the trust factor with the moving company you hired. It needs to be a safe, trustworthy company that can handle your items and face any moving challenges. Contact JB Movers Los Angeles so you can get a free moving estimate and all the necessary information. Our team is ready to face any challenges and handle your valuables with care. We have enough experience an know the best routes through the city. Therefore, your items will arrive safely and quickly to your new home.

Moving is an important event in every person’s life. It can be really stressful and overwhelming. That’s why hiring uncertified moving companies is something you need to avoid. Hire somebody you can trust your valuables. This way you will be ready to enjoy your new house and continue with your normal everyday activities as soon as you move!