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Best places for dog owners in Los Angeles County

Whether you are a pet owner for a long time or planning to get one furry friend, for sure you want your pet to feel good all the time. Although you did purchase all needed food and other supplies for your dog, it is important to take him for walks and also to the vet regularly. But if your home is far from spacious parks and also a vet, it might be stressful for your pet-owner role. Luckily, you are planning to hire moving companies West Los Angeles and move your home soon. If you are not sure which place will be ideal for you and your loved dog, we can help you. Today we will reveal to you what are the best places for dog owners in Los Angeles County according to many statistics. This might affect your decision on the place to move to in this area.

Culver City is one of the best places for dog owners in Los Angeles County

If Culver City is on your list of places you are considering, you are in luck. This is an ideal place for all dog owners and you will not regret your decision. But to make your decision easier, now we will remind you of the reasons why many dog owners hire our moving companies Culver City and move their homes. First and foremost, here in Culver City, you can expect over 280 sunny days a year. Every dog owner appreciates sunny days that often means long and pleasant walks with your furry friend. So, before you eliminate Culver City, remember here you can enjoy many sunny days almost all year long.

A woman thinking about best places for dog owners in Los Angeles County while playing with her dog
Culver City is one of the best places for dog owners in Los Angeles County.

Secondly, this place offers a lot in terms of outdoor activities. Whether you want to hike on Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook or just enjoy the sight of green space in some of the 13 parks in Culver City, your dog is welcome. If your dog is your best company when you are in the mood for a day on the beach, together you will have a lot of fun on nearby beaches in Culver City. Also, here you can find many dog-friendly restaurants after moving with the help of our JB Movers Los Angeles. So, consider your other needs and maybe you will opt for moving to Culver City. If that happens, your dog will love your new Culver City home.

Beverly Hills is suitable for dog owners in Los Angeles County

This place is well known for its high quality of life which attracts many new residents. The good news is that this place is dog-friendly so you and your pet could explore Beverly Hills together. If you are not sure where your dog can get some new furry friends, visit Roxbury Park or Beverly Hills Community Dog Park. Here both of you will get along with some new friends since many dog owners spend a lot of time at these places. If you want a perfect weekend outdoors, take your dog to Franklin Canyon Park. All you need is some food and a camera to capture unforgettable moments with your dog.

Although it is not easy to get through the moving process, when you rely on our Beverly Hills movers, everything becomes smooth. Once you get to your new home, you will realize many of your neighbors are dog-owners too. In Beverly Hills, you can find excellent vets, many pet shops. Also, many nearby cafes and restaurants are pet-friendly, which means a lot of time to enjoy with your loyal friend. All mentioned thing makes Beverly Hills a perfect place for dog owners in Los Angeles County.

Opt for West Hollywood

Picking the right neighborhood for you and your furry family member or members should not be over until you consider Hollywood. According to our West Hollywood movers who did collect experiences of many dog owners in this area, the entice Hollywood/ West Hollywood is super dog-friendly. For this reason, this area is home to many dog owners and many of them will be great company for you and your little friend. If you want to take your dog to a special place, visit pro-pet restaurants like Grub and Jane Q. Another great news is that in West Hollywood you will find Vetted PetCare. If you like to be close to the vet for your dog safety and your peace of mind? Then Choose West Hollywood and relax!


A cute dog in restaurant
Take your dog to a pet restaurant and prepare your camera.

One of the most appealing places for dog owners in West Hollywood Park. There is no doubt, your dog will enjoy time with his friends here. Here you will meet any responsible and friendly pet owners you can hang out with while your dog running free. Everything in this park is neat and clean, so visiting this place with the coolest company will make your day! Maybe this will become one of your favorite places after the move!

Consider Santa Monica or Downtown LA, or Studio City

Maybe this will slow down making your final decision, but we need to be honest. All mentioned places, and many others within Los Angeles County will be a great fit for you and your dogs. So, once again take a look at a list of the places in this area that you like. If any of these three places matches your list, you will not make a mistake. Firstly, Santa Monica abounds with places where you can spend time with your dog. Here you can attend one of the many pet-friendly festivals, and spend weekends on some dog beaches. Santa Monica is well known as a heaven for pet lovers.

Adorable Boston Terrier
Wish you a quick pick where to move to with your dog.

If you planning to rent an apartment and own a dog, consider Downtown LA. Over 75% of the rental dwellings make Downtown LA one of the best places for dog owners in Los Angeles County. If you did not visit Studio City for a long time, you can rest assured knowing this place has become super pet-friendly. For any of the places you pick, we wish you a lot of joy with your loved dog/dogs!