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Guide to packing your jewelry for relocation to LA

Are you planning a move to LA? Then you want to be sure you have every detail in check. Among them are your precious accessories. But how do you approach packing your jewelry for relocation to LA safely and efficiently? Of course, we at JB Movers Los Angeles are there always to help with your relocation needs. But jewelry is something special in the world of moving. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to take a look at this advice on how to do it.

String necklaces when packing your jewelry for relocation to LA

When moving smaller things like jewelry it’s important to use as many hacks as you possibly can. That’s because it can really become a big problem if you damage or lose some of your precious necklaces for example. Before our last minute movers Los Angeles arrive, you can always put them on a string. That will keep them safe and sound, and you will know where they are during the whole moving process.

A bunnch of necklaces
Make sure to know how to manage packing your jewelry for relocation to LA in order to have a smooth move

Stick  your earrings into buttonholes or appropriate materials

Earrings are something that a lot of ladies like to wear. However, it’s also the type of jewelry that often goes missing. Especially when you need to move to a new location and you need them in one place. For that reason, it’s not bad to use the help of packing services Los Angeles to help you out. However, you can put earrings or pierce them through buttonholes or any type of material. This will keep them steady and stable during the whole move. But most importantly, you won’t end up losing them during the relocation.

Use as many original boxes as you can when packing your jewelry for relocation to LA

There’s one thing that can be really helpful when it comes to relocating. And that is that packing things in their original box can be the number one thing to do. The same goes for packing your jewelry for relocation to LA. This can really surprise you when you ask for moving quotes Los Angeles as it will have an impact on the price of your move. Of course, this will allow your belongings to be more safe and secure during every step of the process.

Rings can fit in any small case

Rings are probably one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry a person has. For that reason, it’s very important that you have a special place for them. Thankfully, they are usually very small and can fit in a lot of places. However, this means they can get lost quickly. That’s why even the best moving companies in Los Angeles can deny relocating them for you. Thankfully, they can fit in a small case and you can be sure they are in the right place.

A close-up picture of two rings
Rings can be safe in a case

Use smaller closable plastic bags for bracelets

Another piece of jewelry is bracelets. They are really sensible to wiggling around so you want them to be in a good place during the whole relocation process. For that reason, it’s important that you use the right tools. And what better than a closable plastic bag? They will help you look stylish in the city of Los Angeles, but first, you need to take good care of them. That’s why we’re sure that it won’t be a problem for you if you use plastic bags when moving and packing them.

Taking every detail of your move into consideration is crucial for its success. You don’t want to lose some of your valuables in the process of moving. For that reason, it’s important that you protect everything as best as you can. That’s why we’re sure that our tips on how to get packing your jewelry for relocation to LA will be a great way to help you out. You can be sure that everything will go by perfectly, and that you’ll enjoy LA with no stress.