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Cleaning your home after the relocation – tips and tricks

If you’ve recently finished relocating, there’s one thing you’re bound to have realized – moving is messy. Indeed, if you’re someone who puts a lot of stock into everything being orderly and tidy; you won’t find this task easy after moving to a new household. Don’t worry, though – we have some great tips for tidying up and cleaning your home after the relocation; so read on below!

Your usual cleaning routine

After you’ve finished gathering all the moving quotes Los Angeles can offer, hiring movers and finally relocating; your troubles are not over yet. Because your new home is bound to be chaotic and dirty after the move. There’s no need to stress out, though; cleaning your home after the relocation is easier than it may first appear. Though, before we go any further: you may need to rethink your usual cleaning routines.

Cleaning mops on a white surface.
Your usual cleaning routines may require some adjustment!

When it comes to tidying their homes, people have all sorts of different routines. After all, each of us does our cleaning so it fits best within our usual schedules. But all of these different cleaning routines can generally be boiled down to two different approaches. On one hand, you’ve got the folks that have cleaning as a habit; they do a small amount of cleaning whenever they get the chance. And on the other, you have the people who clean in big surges; they don’t any cleaning for some time, and then just have one gigantic cleaning session. And if you fall into the latter category – you’ll have to adjust your habits, at least temporarily.

Make sure you pace yourself while cleaning your home after the relocation

Bearing all of this in mind, the question is – how should you approach cleaning after the relocation? If we were to advise you; we’d say that cleaning everything at once isn’t really feasible. Instead, doing the tidying in phases is a much better option. While you’re unpacking everything, clean your home piecemeal, from room to room. That way, you’ll leave each area in pristine condition – and even more importantly, you won’t tire yourself out as much. And if you have a habit of just having huge spring cleaning sessions; remember that in this particular case, that way is much harder.

So, after some of the local movers Los Angeles offers have finished dealing with your relocation; start slowly, and pace yourself. Or, on the other hand – if you’ve got some room in your moving budget, you can always simply hire a cleaning company to do everything for you. If you feel too exhausted from the move to handle the task by yourself, this might actually be the best thing to do. But on the other hand – there’s no one who can clean your household better than you. Which is something to keep in mind, if you’re considering spending money on cleaning services.

Dealing with dust

A person wiping a wooden floor.
Clean the dust off your floors the last – start with the top surfaces!

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you while cleaning your home after the relocation is – clean your household from top to bottom. Which isn’t something we simply mean as a figure of speech. Certainly, the need for thoroughness exists; but that’s not something we’re focusing on at the moment. Let’s think about this for a second – what’s the most obvious way to see if a home is not cleaned on a regular basis? That’s right – a great amount of dust. Which is especially true if you have antique furniture, which is basically a dust magnet.

And when people clean dust, they usually make one crucial mistake – which is only focusing on the visible areas and surfaces. Sure, that’s instinctively logical; but you need to think this through a bit more. Because when you do, you’ll realize something – dust tends to fall on higher surfaces first. So, these are the ones which should be your priority when cleaning. Start with your ceiling fans, and work your way down to the vacuuming of the floors.

Manage your time responsibly

As we’ve already mentioned beforehand; while you’re cleaning your home after the relocation, the smartest way to do it is piece by piece. But you may be wondering – how does that look in practice? Indeed, this is the part which will require all of the time management skills you’ve got. The last thing you want to do after the relocation is to waste any more time; you’ve got that big housewarming party to look forward to! Which is why you want to keep your tidying as efficient as possible.

A completely clean kitchen area.
Excellent time management will be needed to effortlessly clean after the move!

Most importantly – try to plan out your unpacking and cleaning simultaneously, to avoid cleaning the same spaces multiple times. This is something that can happen to anyone after a particularly messy move, but you want to avoid that to conserve time. Also, while you’re unpacking – don’t forget to do some tidying up on the exterior of your home as well. We don’t mean any significant landscaping, naturally – but you’ll definitely want to clean up your yard a bit before inviting anyone over. 


To sum it up – while you’re cleaning your home after the relocation, there’s one thing that’s as important as during the move itself; careful planning. Indeed, if you approach this task with an analytical mindset, and make a sound plan for the cleaning process; you’ll find that it’s not only physically easier, but it also takes far less time as well. As with most things in life – good time management will make this potentially daunting task as easy as pie.