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Top job opportunities in LA

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. Many people dream of living here or even just visiting. Being in the same town as your favorite movie star can be very motivational for some people. This place offers a lot of opportunity for everyone. In order to seize the opportunity, you need to know where to look. This is why we have assembled an article for all of you regular (but with great potential) people wishing to live in a metropolis. Read on if you wish to move to Los Angeles and find out which are the top job opportunities in LA!

Top job opportunities in LA

All these job opportunities offer a lot to you. If you want to move your company to Los Angeles, check out what the commercial movers Los Angeles have to offer. Maybe they have even read this article and can provide you some insight into the job market in LA!

skyscrapers in LA
Top job opportunities await you in LA!

Data entry specialist

This is the absolute most popular job career in the City of Angels. These people are the unsung heroes of every big corporation. The job itself is simple but very significant to maintaining a big company functional. Every company has so many papers and documents that arrive every day, and if you are able to convert those numbers into an Excell document, you are an important link in the company. This is especially relevant in the recent age of technological boom, during which every company has turned to computers. And the importance of these people in a company has made this one of the top job opportunities in LA. The salary of a data entry specialist is $33,889 per year, which is 7% more than the national average according to GlassDoor.

Social media manager

This one is also attributed to the rise of the use of technology in recent years, therefore it is one of the most popular jobs in the market. It is very important to advertise your company on social media. That is a medium basically everyone uses right now. Other than advertising, it is a good way to let people know what the company is up to. However, it is not just frequent posting which makes this job important, but also the deeper analysis of trends and finding interesting ways of spreading the word about your company.

Whichever social media your company chooses, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you are bound to create a good and positive image of your company. With all their sponsoring tools available, it is just a matter of time that your company is the main talk of the people, all thanks to the dedication of social media managers. The average salary of a social media manager is $56,988 per year according to Glassdoor. 

A big city such as LA offers so much!

If you are moving long distance to find a job as a social media manager in LA, make sure to be prepared. Moving long distance can be hard and it is important to find the best company that fits your needs.


Advertising and marketing are one of the biggest job opportunities in LA. This is a city where you need to stand out in order to accomplish something. That is why a good advertising company can make your job a lot easier. Advertising professionals negotiate contracts, how should you do your advertisements, and how to launch your products. In addition, they will plan your advertising campaign, decide which media should be your priority, such as radio, television, social media and such. Another important thing that advertising professionals do is creating a budget, and how it should be spent. This is crucial if you want your advertising campaign to succeed, and it sure will in the hands of an experienced marketing professional. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a marketing manager is $85,101 per year.

Financial consultant

These people are the cornerstone of managing your finances. They do a wide array of jobs such as helping clients with their long-term financial plans, including investments, savings, insurance, and retirement. Everybody knows that LA has a good economy, which makes it one of the best-standing cities in the world, economically speaking. This makes the job of a financial consultant one of the top job opportunities in LA. If you are into this business and want to move to Los Angeles for your career to thrive, check out some of the best moving companies Los Angeles. A marvelous job opportunity for all you economy majors out there.

Sales engineer

Another job that is thriving with the rise of technology use is the sales engineer. These people need to be very proficient in science and technology in order to do their job properly. They also need to know every detail related to the product they are selling. They also need to do a fair amount of research and know how their company’s product is different and/or better than their competitor’s. That research also includes the requirements of their customers. The average salary for this job is $77,211 per year. So, if you are into this business, make sure to have a nice housewarming party after your move to Los Angeles! This will really make you feel at home and make your LA experience much better!

Production coordinator

When people think of Los Angeles, they think of Hollywood. Admit it, you are guilty of this as well. Production coordinators are the unsung heroes behind this whole machinery. They can make everyone’s job easier, from directors to actors. Your success is guaranteed if you have a good production coordinator. And if you are one, there is no doubt you will have a good time in LA.

Hollywood sign
Hollywood is the best place to start as an aspiring actor!

Honorable mention: Aspiring actor

Of course. It just had to come down to this. As we have stated in the previous paragraph, this is something that everyone thinks of when they think of Los Angeles. It surely is the best place in the world if you are an aspiring actor. So many opportunities at so many different shows. It will be tough, no doubt, but if you work hard, there is a much higher possibility of success than at any other place on Earth. Do not be afraid to take small roles in small films and TV series. This is how everyone has started. Nobody was spoonfed in this business, everyone had to fight for their right to star in movies and TV shows!