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How to help your kids settle in LA

Moving to another city is a stressful period both for adults and for kids. However, kids find it even more difficult, especially if they change schools. New city, new house, new friends – everything is unknown and difficult to adjust to. That’s why you need to consider making the relocation process easier and help your kids settle in La. Furthermore, making the moving process smooth is a job for professional movers. Hiring a moving company and long distance movers Los Angeles will keep the stress out of your way and you will have more energy to help your kids settle in LA.

Why transition to a new city is hard for kids?

First, let’s see why is it so difficult to move house for children. Kids are sensitive, and during childhood, they make first memories about their home and make first friendships. Taking that away from them, moving to another house and saying goodbye to their friends can be really hard for them. Changing schools, as well, is a possible problem. Kids need time to adjust to the new teachers, new school, make new friends and neighbors. So be sure to take some time to help your kids settle in LA and see why it’s great to live here.

 help your kids settle in LA- kid on a swing
Sometimes, adjusting is hard, so be sure to help your kids settle in LA

How to make time to help your kids settle in LA

Moving is hard. It takes a lot of time, requires a lot of planning and organization. Tired with all the work, we sometimes overlook how difficult our kids find the relocation. That’s why you need to find help with the moving so you can focus on how to help your kids settle in LA. And our residential movers Los Angeles are the perfect solution for you. They will provide you with premium moving services and move your home safely and quickly. Therefore, you will be rested and ready to focus on your children.

Help your kids settle in LA – help them meet the city

Let your kids adjust to the city, so give them a few of relaxing days before they start school. Help them meet the city and see why it is great to live in Los Angeles. Visit some of the interesting places with your kids, take a tour around the city, see where their school is, etc. Your kids will see how beautiful Los Angeles is and fall in love with it. Make a fun day out of it and your family will start their life in LA on the right foot.

los angeles
To help your kids settle in LA , meet the city first

Go around the neighborhood

Make sure your kids meet your new neighborhood. Take some time to go around it and see what are the fun things you can do. Also, visit the local supermarket, the closest playground or an ice cream/candy shop. Help your kids see your new neighborhood has everything they need and love.

Some of the fun places to visit with kids in Los Angeles

Here are some fun things to do with your kids in LA:

  • Visit Universal Studios – probably the funniest activity for kids – theme park and film studio in one, with fun rides and other attractions!
  • Go to the Santa Monica pier – the perfect place to spend a day off with your kids. The beach, rides, games, aquarium, restaurants, etc.
  • Disneyland – favorite place in the world! Choose a not so busy day to visit the place, to avoid tourist crowds and fully enjoy in the magical kingdom of fun!
  • Visit a museum – there are many museums in LA, so find one that your kids might like and make a day out of it.
  • Go horseback riding, rent a bike or a skate and enjoy a sunny day in LA with your family.
  • see a game – LA is the perfect city to see a football game or a basketball game – Lakers, Clippers, Sparks, you name it!

Unpack your children’s room on the first day

Make sure your kids have their ‘safe’ place ready as soon as you move in. This means it would be best to unpack their room first. This way they will feel at home very soon. Of course, you don’t need to set up everything, but unpacking the basics is a great idea. Make sure to involve the children in the unpacking process and ask them about their opinion on their room’s decoration and position of the furniture.

Continue your kids’ old routines

To help your kids settle in LA, make sure to leave their old habits and routines the same as they were at your old house. We are the beings of routine, and for kids, it is extremely important. Be sure to have lunch/dinner at the same time, go to bed and do these ordinary things the same way you did before you moved. This way your kids will feel safe and at home very quickly after the relocation.

Help your kids adjust to the new school in LA

One of the ways to help your kids settle in LA is to help them adjust to their new school. Starting school is stressful, but switching schools is even worse. Other kids already know each other, so for the new ones, it’s always a problem to fit in, even if they don’t say so. Therefore, help your kid by visiting the school before the classes start, or take a tour. Furthermore, be sure to teach your child how to go and come back from school. Expect them to feel sad, lost or insecure, which can reflect their grades in the first period. Just remember that the adjusting period is different for everybody and that they need time to go over it.

 help your kids settle in LA and adjust to the new school
School can be difficult for kids who just moved

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to help your kids settle in LA. However, the most important part is communication. Talk to them and see what are the things that bother them so you can truly understand and help them.