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How to make your apartment pet-friendly

So, you moved into your new home. Good for you! Now it is time to make it a home for your pet as well. Your furry friend may not like everything that they see in their new home. This is why you need to make your apartment pet-friendly. Do not worry, this will not come down hard on your bank account. All of the ideas we will talk about are really simple and cheap! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Allocate space for your pet

Your pet needs to know that there is a specific place in the house for them. They can sleep there, play with their toys. This will, for example, prevent your cat from scratching new furniture, thereby destroying it. You should also buy a scratching post and some of those climbing toys for cats. By doing this, you will prevent them from having to climb on your furniture to satisfy their climbing urges. You should also get them a nice cat bed so they do not use your bed or your chairs. This applies to dogs as well. Getting a dog bed your dog enjoys will discourage them from using your bed. Get some chewing toys as well so they do not chew on the first thing they get their paws on.

make your apartment pet-friendly by giving your pet its own corner
Your pet needs its own corner!

Getting pet-friendly furniture

When you move with your long distance movers Los Angeles, you may want to leave your furniture behind so the move costs less. This is because movers usually estimate the price of the move by measuring the full weight of your belongings. That’s why getting new furniture that is pet-friendly is a must! You will probably want to get some high quality wooden or leather furniture. The best thing you can do is not to buy anything expensive. Your cat will probably give it a few scratches, and there will also be scratches when your dog jumps on the bed. This is why you should get some lower quality furniture so that if your pets give it a scratch, not much damage would be done. You can also get dark furniture so that the scratch marks are not visible.

cat scratching
Getting a cat scratcher is a good way to keep your cat from destroying your furniture

You should also buy furniture covers so that your pets do not damage the furniture directly. All of these are great tips to make your apartment pet-friendly.

Small fence in your kitchen

People usually do this to prevent small children from wandering into your kitchen where you have all the sharp knives and cutlery. This is usually done when you want to make your home kid-friendly. Well, good news! You can do this for your pets as well. This is of no use if you have cats, but dogs will be kept out from the kitchen for sure. This is because dogs get accustomed to their surroundings as they grow, and some habits remain the same. There are many examples where dogs do not jump over the small fence where their bed is, but bark until you open it for them, even though they are fully grown.

Add a small dog door to make your apartment pet-friendly

This is a great idea if you live in a house or in an apartment with a porch. Your pets will love this because they can exit the house whenever they want and not be constrained within the boundaries of your home all the time. This is great if you feel bad about your pet staying alone inside when you are at work. You can also put the litter box outside so that the learns that it should never go to the bathroom inside. Your apartment will be clean, without many dog and cat hairs, and your four-legged friend will be able to roam around the neighborhood at will.

Have hair removal items at hand

Your pet will shed a lot of hair, especially when the warmer season approaches. Finding hair all over your apartment can be frustrating. This is why you need to have those sticky roll-ons or hair removal gloves. If you do not want to buy these, you can use rubber gloves. When you find a batch of hair somewhere, put on the rubber gloves, put them under a stream of water, and start picking the hair up. The hair will stick to the wet surface and you will remove it in no time. 

Make a potty schedule

The best way to make your pet accustomed to your new home after your West Hollywood movers bring all of your stuff, is to have a schedule. You should teach them that at a certain point of the day, they need to go to the bathroom. This is especially relevant if you live in an elevated apartment without a porch where you can install a dog door. You do not want to come home from work and find a happy little accident somewhere inside your home, with your pet smirking from their corner. At some point, your pet will start barking or meowing at the door, informing you that it is time to go potty. Not really a way to make your apartment pet-friendly, but more to make your life easier tip.

Exercise your pet regularly

When it comes to cats, this is easily done. You just get them a cat climber. However, when it comes to dogs, you should take them out on walks regularly. This is another thing where the schedule comes to mind. You can align the potty schedule with the walking schedule. Another great idea is to take them out to a dog park near your home and have them hang out with other dogs. You may even befriend some of your new neighbors!

dog in a park
Your pet needs to exercise regularly!


We hope you learned more about ways to make your apartment pet-friendly. Allocating a corner for your furry friend, getting some furniture covers, adding a small fence in your kitchen, are all great tips when it comes to making your and your pet’s life easier. Good luck with exploring ways to go about with this!