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How to organize a yard sale before relocation

Virtually any experienced moving company will tell you how relocation is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need. Just ask your local movers Los Angeles, and they will be sure to advise you so. And we are not the ones to disagree. As a matter of fact, we will set out to help you in this ordeal, and allow you to make the most of it. Getting rid of these long-forgotten items does not only mean throwing them in the bin. You can, rather, organize a yard sale before relocation, and make some extra bucks along the way. Now, let us see what is the best way to go about this undertaking.

Gathering the items

You will first need to designate an area where all of the possessions you wish to get rid of will go. Make sure you allocate enough space so that you will be able to catalog all these belongings with great ease. After you’ve cleaned it, you can start arranging the selected items. We suggest that you begin with the things you need and like the least. Do not miss out on the chance to get rid of them, and make some money while doing so. Be sure to go through the attic, your basement and the back of your closet. Items that are in good condition, but haven’t been used in over 6 months are as good as gone.

A suitcase filled with money
If you organize a yard sale before relocation, you can even make some money, and not just spend it during your move.

What you should be left with are the items you truly desire and need for your future life. Make sure to apply proper packing techniques when preparing them for the move, or simply call your moving companies West Los Angeles and let them do it for you.

Proper classification

On to the classification and cataloging. We suggest that you group them as follows:

  • items you seldom use
  • gifts, souvenirs and other trinkets that hold no monetary nor sentimental value
  • old magazines, posters, CDs, DVDs, comic books, old textbooks, etc.
  • clothes that you and your family have outgrown or got bored of
  • musical instruments, sports equipment, and other hobby-related items no one seems to be interested in any more
  • furniture pieces, any unnecessary items from your kitchen, appliances, certain tools and anything else home and/or house related that does not seem to fit in your new home and life
A man looking through a yard sale.
A well-organized yard sale will allow people to find what they need more efficiently. 

Now that all of your possessions are neatly sorted and classified according to their nature and value, it would be wise to make a list of them. Preferably featuring corresponding prices. This catalog, so to speak, will prove to be quite handy when you organize a yard sale before relocation. Having that the price tags have a tendency of falling off or getting mixed up, you will save yourself a lot of time and nerves by having a clear sheet of information in front of you. You will be able to keep track of everything and be on top of your yard sale.

The best time to organize a yard sale before relocation

In order to ensure the best outcome of your yard sale, and make as much money as possible, it is important that you have a strategic approach. Provided that you have enough time, you ought to schedule your moving sale wisely. Target the time during the first weekend of a month, just after payday. People will have plenty of money to spend and be more eager to do so.

One of the more vital elements is the weather. A rainy day will prove to be unfavorable for your undertaking. Try to aim for the sunny days, even if it’s not the weekend. What’s more, a Saturday yard sale does not exclusively mean a successful yard sale. A weekday means busier traffic and thus more people who are randomly driving by your property. What’s more, if you are moving with your family, and are thus mainly selling children’s stuff, a weekday is a better choice. Stay-at-home mums prefer to go shopping on a weekday, rather than on weekends. They usually take that time to spend with the family.

As for the exact time of the day, there are no set rules. However, we do suggest that you start early in the morning, sometime around 8 or 9 am. That way you’ll have the whole day ahead of you, giving you enough time to make a sale, as well as put everything back in order once the sale is over.

Spread the word and make it known

Let’s face it, however awesome the items you plan on selling may be, you won’t make much of a profit if nobody shows up. In order to ensure positive feedback, you need to spread the word around. Use the power of the Internet to your advantage, and advertise your yard sale to the best of your abilities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anything else you might have will be a great platform for notifying the people that you intend to organize a yard sale before relocation. Do not hesitate from posting a picture or two of your finest belongings, further attracting possible customers. Make sure the info gets to your friends, neighbors, colleagues and all other acquaintances.

A woman posting on Facebook
Use the popular social media platforms to your advantage and let the people know that you plan to organize a yard sale before relocation.

You can even consider advertising in the local newspapers. This will be sure to yield good results as well. People who know that you plan to organize a yard sale before relocation and are looking for such an opportunity to buy a few extra things will know the time and the place of your moving sale. One more action is a must. You have to put some time and effort into making good old signs and posters. Make sure to post them on strategic places around the neighborhood, ensuring their visibility.

Few key elements of a good sign include:

  • being legible from afar
  • containing all the necessary information (time, date, address)
  • an exciting picture, or naming specific highly desirable merchandise
  • fun, bold and witty text to attract attention