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How to negotiate with your movers?

Moving is not always easy or affordable. If you are moving, you need to plan everything in detail, including your budget as well. A lot of people want to lower the price, but they are not sure how. So naturally, the question that comes is – can you negotiate with your movers? The answer is simple – yes! But you need to be sure that you found a reliable company. Someone that has the experience, like JB Movers Los Angeles can talk with you about the price. They can advise you what would be best for you, and what can help you to save money.

If you want to negotiate with your movers – first find the reliable ones

The first and most important thing is finding a reliable moving company. You need to find a moving company that is honest and has honest reviews. You need someone who can handle your move in every aspect. After you have found a company like that you can negotiate with them. You can try to get a lower price for your relocation, but to keep the same level of service. You do not want to get a lower price or a better deal and end up having a really complicated relocation. Even when you are moving during the holiday season – you still need that relocation to be without any stress. You should negotiate, but not at every cost.

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You need a reliable moving company that you can trust.

Avoid moving scams

You found a moving company and they offered you a great deal. A deal that seems too good to be true. And naturally, you are tempted to accept it and hire them. But keep in mind if their offer is too low, lower than all the other offers – that is usually a sign that they might not be the best option. Make sure to check are they licensed. It will take you a couple of minutes to do that but it can save you a lot of money. Also, you will avoid any potential problems.

Compare moving estimates

One of the best things that will help you to negotiate with your movers is getting enough moving estimates. You should contact a couple of companies that seem professional and reliable to you and ask them for a free moving estimate. If you need Culver City movers, make sure to find a couple of companies in that city. Compare at least 3 different moving estimates to get a clear picture. Compare what they are offering, what additional services are included in that price. The more estimates you have – you will be better at negotiating with moving companies. It will make the whole process much easier.

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You need to decide what moving services you need and negotiate with your movers but not at every cost.

If you plan to negotiate with your movers – think about all the services you might need

Moving is a complicated task that consists of a lot of small tasks. You need to find a reliable moving company, schedule a moving date, declutter your home, pack, load, unload, and unpack everything. Packing and unpacking after the move are two time-consuming tasks, and a lot of people decide to hire help. Also, when you start going through your home you might realize that you need a storage unit. Those are all additional services that you might get. And before you decide to sign a contract with a moving company, negotiate with them. Ask them about storage, packing, loading – all the services they might charge extra. If you have a more expensive offer but it includes packing – it might be wiser to choose it.

If you want to negotiate with a moving company you need to use serious negotiating skills

So, once you have all the moving estimates and you compared them, you can start contacting the moving companies. If you have a couple of moving estimates that have similar or the same prices, you should start with them. Of course, you need to find a company or two that you really like and that you prefer hiring. One of the best things you can do is to ask them about lowering the price for relocation since you really don’t have anything to lose. The majority of moving companies will rather move you for a slightly lower price than to lose you as a customer. But, if they are unwilling to lower their price, don’t push it. Wait a couple of days, and call again. You might get a different representative, and you might get a better deal.

Quality is important

When you start negotiating with moving companies, you need to keep in mind that the quality of the relocation is very important. Although it might seem like an easy task to move on your own, with the help of a couple of friends – it might not always be wise. Especially if you have delicate items like pianos, antique furniture, or a pool table. Those are all the items that you really shouldn’t relocate on your own because you are risking a lot of damage. You need reliable movers that can handle anything you need to relocate, so do not focus only on lowering the price with your moving company.

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The quality of your relocation is the most important factor.

Check reviews

One of the things that you can use while you negotiate with movers is their reviews. Check their reviews, check what people found as a negative side, and what people find as a positive side. Find all the information you can before you start the negotiation process. Those details can help you a lot, and before you know it you will be able to start to pack, and you will have a better deal. In today’s age, information is everything so make sure that you gather everything you can!

If you plan to negotiate with your movers, be focused

Before you negotiate with your movers, write down what your goal is. Set it to be realistic and you can be sure that you will achieve your goal. But we cannot stress enough, do not get the lower price on your moving at every cost. You need the relocation to be stress-free and without any damage to your belongings. Use the time while you are getting the free estimates to brush up your negotiating skills.