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Help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood

Moving is a stressful endeavor in itself. So many things you have to worry about and pay attention to. Many people with strong will still succumb to the pressures of moving. And when it comes to moving with your family, that makes things even harder. Imagine all the things you need to worry about when moving on your own, and then multiply that number by the number of your family members. Quite enough to bring you down right? No! With our advice, you will be steadily progressing to your new life in your new family home. When you arrive at your new home, you will need to adjust. You need to help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood as well. So, let’s dive into this matter and explore all the options available to you!

Announce the move to your family

When you do this, prepare to face negative reactions. Most people do not like the idea of moving, especially kids. This means changing schools, changing where you play, where you shop, where you eat… People are prone to avoiding change and this is especially relevant for children. Their young minds are not yet prepared for such colossal changes. Especially during a long distance move. Long distance movers Los Angeles will tell you that the move will not be easy. But you will be in safe hands, and the only thing you would need to worry about is your family’s safety. 

help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood by supporting them
Your child needs your support in this time of change

Your child will probably be worried. A lot. There may be some unknown feelings that they had never experienced before. Feelings such as longing and sadness. However, this will be different compared to their sadness when you did not buy them a certain toy. Do not try to talk your child out of these feelings but acknowledge them. If your child is too young to understand what a move is, you should try some creative ways to explain it to them. One creative way to do so is by using their toys and act out the move. This may be enough for them to forget about the sadness and longing that they are experiencing. Reassure them that everyone is going through with this. According to psychological research, young children often have the fear of being left behind.

Ways to deal with your child’s grief

There are certain ways you can deal with your child’s grief. Even though they will not eliminate the grief itself, they will make your child feel a little less anxious about your move. One of the ways to do this is to go to your child’s favorite playground, visit the cinema or theater for one last time, and get some dinner at your favorite food joint. Accompany your child to their friend’s house for them to say goodbye. If your child’s friend lives a bit farther, help them write a goodbye letter and inform people that you are relocating. Make sure to take photos, exchange addresses and generally find the ways of keeping in touch. Talk about the things you will miss the most, and think about what awaits you at your new home. When you finish packing and load the moving truck, walk around your empty house and reminisce about all the memories you had there. All of this will make the move easier for your child and you can even go further by making a moving book.

sad kid
Your child will probably be sad when you announce the move

Making a moving book

A moving book should contain everything about your old home. It will help you and your child relive the memories you have had while you had lived there. Put in the photos with captions underneath them. Make sure that there is something in the photo that will remind you of a certain event. This will help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood by reminding them of all the good times you had as a family. It does not matter where you are, the only thing that matters is that you are all together in your new home. Make sure to finish the book with a happy ending. Something like a picture of your family at your new home, with a caption underneath. “And here we are, at the new Johnson’s residence, ready to bravely set foot into our new lives!” is an appropriate example of this.

Set up the kid’s room first

This is an important part of unpacking and cleaning your new home after the move. The best way to help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood is to unpack their room first. It is important for them to have their room all set up while you are unpacking the rest of the house. This will make them feel safe and at home because they are being surrounded by familiar things. Having their toys, posters on the walls, their desk, and cupboard all set up will certainly speed up the process of acclimatization.

girl with a teddy bear
When you set up the kid’s room first, they will adjust more quickly

Scheduling some fun activities in your new hometown

You can even ask your West Hollywood movers about this one. They will certainly be able to recommend some of the best food joints, playgrounds and such. The next step is to actually go and visit these places.

Another good idea is going to the new school and look around. While you are here, visit the local library and get library cards.

An important thing to consider is keeping the same schedule as you did in your old home. This will, of course, be hard because it is a new city and new surroundings. But think about the ways you can make your new schedule as similar as you can to your old schedule. If your schedule is predictable, your child will adjust more quickly. Another good idea is to have a housewarming party.


So, these are some of the ways you can help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood. You need to keep in mind that this will not be easy. However, it is not impossible and you should do whatever you can to speed up the process. Talk about the new schools, new playgrounds, new kids on the block, etc. Your child needs your support at this time and we hope that these tips will help you with this. Good luck!