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How to child-proof your home with ease

When you move to a new home there are many things you need to take care of. The unpacking, deciding where to put your things, installing all the appliances, and so on. However, there is one question that moving companies West Los Angeles deem very important. Also, every parent deems this question important, and that is how to child-proof your home with ease? It is a vital question when you move into a new home and everything is new to your child. You must know how to keep them safe from regular stuff you do not see as dangerous. This is why we have created this article. It will deal with the best ways to child-proof your home. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Child-proof your home with ease

When you think about child-proofing your new family home in Fresno, what comes to mind? It is important to note that in an experiment, new parents were brought into a home and asked what would be a potential threat to their kids. They manage to find, on average, only 40% or less potential items that can harm your child. This is why you need to do your research about this topic and we can tell you that you are in the right place. So, let’s see what you can do to child-proof your home with ease.

child-proof your home with ease by putting caps on doorknobs
You should put caps on doorknobs

Putting caps on tables and doorknobs

Your child is most likely going to spend a lot of its time running around and playing. It is inevitable that they run into a table and bump their head on the edge. This is why you need to cover the edges of tables with caps. There are certain silicon caps that you put on each corner of the table, and even on the edges themselves that are used to protect your child from bumping into sharp corners. You can also do this with doorknobs. This is a great way of making your home more kid-friendly!

I can speak from personal experience. When I was a kid, I was running down the stairs, and slipped as I was reaching the bottom floor. That is when I came flying down and hit my head on the entrance doorknob. I was lucky my parent were diligent and that they put doorknob caps on. If they had not, I would have had a serious injury. So, go on eBay, or a similar website that offers the service of shopping online, and look for these caps. They are cheap but can save your child from accidental injuries.

child climbing
Prevent your child from climbing the shelves

Do not put shiny and colorful stuff on the top shelf

This can be dangerous to your kids because they will most likely be attracted to shiny and colorful stuff. The reasoning behind this is that if they see something attractive on a low shelf, they will get it, play around for a second, and put it back. However, if they see it on the top shelf, they will try to climb and get it. This is another story that I am telling from personal experience. I can recall that I wanted to get an action figure sitting on an upper shelf. I used the chair to get up on a big speaker, and then get it from the shelf. The next thing I remember is that we are at the ER, my mom freaked out of her mind and that I have blood all over my face. So, use my story as inspiration to prevent this from happening to your child.

Put locks on the kitchen cabinets

Your lower kitchen cabinets can hold different chemicals you use for cleaning your home. That is why you need to find a way to prevent your child from opening them. You can simply lock the cabinets with dangerous chemicals in them. However, if you are using them often, it may seem like a drag to unlock the cabinets each time you want to get something. With that in mind, it is a good thing that people had invented cabinet latches! This is definitely something that Beverly Hills movers are going to recommend to you! This is a very simple mechanism, you can use to child-proof your home with ease. A mechanism so simple, yet so complicated from the perspective of a child. You just screw in a plastic latch and a latch knob on your cabinet door. When you want to open the cabinet, just push the latch down and that is that! It is very easy for you, yet your child will probably not be able to reach it.

apartment with stairs
Put gates on the stairs.

This is very important because kids are generally drawn to colorful things. An orange-colored floor cleaning liquid can seem like juice to your youngling. In addition, laundry or dishwasher pods may seem like candy to your kids. So, it is very important to keep your kids out of these cabinets. One great way to make them avoid the dangerous cabinets is to leave one cabinet empty and open. You can even put some toys inside so they can distract your kid so it forgets to check the other cabinets.

Putting a gate on the stairs

This is a big one. If your kid is still too young to use the stairs by themselves, you need to put a gate on both the top and the bottom of the stairs. This will surely prevent your kids from even trying to go up or down the stairs and thus avoid unnecessary injuries. The gate has a simple mechanism your child will not be able to reach and you can even keep the gate even after your kid learns to use the stairs. This will make your kid learn how to unlock the gate and they will feel proud of accomplishing something in their young lives. With all that said, good luck with child-proofing your home!