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Who should you inform that you’re relocating?

So, you’ve decided to move to a new home? That’s fantastic! We’re certain that some change will do you good; we’d all like to freshen up our lives from time to time. But on the other hand – relocating to another place also means doing a lot of hard work. And by that, we don’t just mean the heavy lifting and other physical stuff; there are also plenty of other tasks that you might miss, even if you hire top-rate movers Los Angeles! Which is something you definitely want to avoid, if you want to relocate successfully! And that’s why we’ve decided to remind you of everyone you need to inform that you’re relocating!

Giving the post office a notice

First of all, we should start from the basics; what are some of the most important institutions you want to inform that you’re relocating to a new address? Obviously, notifying the post office is a good idea, when you’re going to live in another place. Really, if you want your mail to arrive on time, and without any issues; this is something you absolutely have to do. And if you do this in a timely manner, there will probably be no nasty mail mixups. Also, the post office will forward anything that someone has sent to your old household address; right to your new one! So if you forget to inform anyone else who sends you mail – you’ll have no trouble at all!

A yellow mailbox next to a brown window.
Your post office should know about your relocation as soon as possible!

Inform the IRS

Speaking of the institutions you need to inform – remember that the post office isn’t really the only government agency that needs to know your current address. So, if you don’t want any issues with your taxes – the IRS is definitely one of the people to inform that you’re relocating to a new household. And especially since, in certain cases, moving expenses are tax deductible; that’s definitely something you’ll want to make use of. Don’t worry, this won’t be too much of a hassle; today, you can use the Internet to make this process much easier. Simply visit the IRS website, find the adequate form, fill it out – and that’s that! Though, bear in mind – you should also remember to inform the state tax agency about your move.

Sorting out the major utilities

As we’ve mentioned – knowing who to inform that you’re relocating is crucial if you want your move completed smoothly. And with that in mind – remember that you’ll need to give a call to your utility companies, in order to cancel services; or just move them to the new address. This is something you’ll want to do methodically; if you forget something, you’ll have a mess to sort out later on – which can be avoided easily. So, once you’ve set the date of your relocation, and you know your exact new address; give a call to the gas company, and the electric company.

Among the utility companies that you’ll need to sort out, these should be your absolute top priority. Also, make sure you do that in a timely manner. And sure, one of the downsides of a DIY move is that you have to think of all these logistics alone; but if you keep your calm, you’ll do everything just right. So, if you ask us – make sure to arrange that power is shut down in your old home after you’ve finished moving out all of your things. And on the other hand; utilities should be connected to your new home the day before you arrive there. If you do it that way, you’ll be entering a warm home with the power on!

A transmission tower with power cables.
Let your power company know about your change of address!

Your employer is someone to inform that you’re relocating

Let’s be honest – if your company was planning an office move to another town; that’s definitely something you’d want to know about in advance. Which is why you should extend the same courtesy back, even if you don’t need to. So, if you’re currently working; your boss is one of the people you should definitely inform that you’re relocating. If you’re quitting, or if you want to switch to a position in a different city; that’s something to sort out weeks, if not months in advance.

Give your loan providers a heads up

Sure, we’d all love to leave behind our debts while we relocate; but in the real world, that’s just not possible. So, if you’ve got something like student loans – your loan providers are someone to inform that you’re relocating to a new address. And speaking of which – if you’ve got any credit cards, their providers will definitely need to know about this as well. Last but not least – after you’ve found some of the best moving quotes Los Angeles offers, don’t forget to make a visit to your local bank; make sure that they learn about your new address as well.

Others you should notify

As you’ve probably noticed; the list of all the institutions and people to inform that you’re relocating seems to be neverending! But in the end, we should definitely mention some of the others that need to know about your move:

  • Your closest ones – When you’ve got so much to do, it’s not unimaginable even forgetting about your close friends and family members. But really, they should definitely be one of the first ones you inform; so that they have time to adjust to the situation properly. And plus, they may be keen on helping you with the move!
  • Subscriptions – We’ve all got that bunch of subscriptions to magazines and papers that we barely even read; but still, these are tied to your address. So if it changes, those companies will need to know.
  • Insurance companies – If you’ve got any kind of insurance, especially home insurance; the providers of these policies are someone you absolutely need to notify as soon as possible!
A pile of open, brightly colored magazines stacked on each other.
Don’t forget to switch your magazine subscriptions!